Healthy Living: Eat Right, Move More

I’ve always been a little on the pudgy side.  According to the doctor’s weight charts, I fall just into the obese section.  For most of my life I have just accepted this as fate.  Most of my family is larger, so I brushed it off as genetics.  However, now that my children are growing up and I notice that a couple of them are also starting to put on the pounds, I’ve decided to make a change.  I’m pushing for a healthier lifestyle in my house so that we can all live happy, healthy lives.  We are striving for the perfect combination of eating right and moving more.



Eating Right

While we’ve never been horrible eaters (which I sure is the justification of most people out there), we also haven’t always been the best of eaters either.  Now, I’m making sure that we are eating a healthy variety of fruits and vegetables each day.  I look for ways to include them into our meals, such as juicing them or getting Freedom Jars where they are mixed deliciously with yogurt and other healthy options.  I also include them more in my cooking, along with natural herbs and seasonings.  Botanic Universe is where to buy herbs online.  While I don’t go overly crazy on what we can and cannot eat, I do focus on making smart choices and eating the proper proportions.


Exercise More

I’ve begun incorporating walking into my routine.  I was even able to rope my son into being my accountability partner so he walks with me most days.  (See how sneaky I was there!)  We have found that just by getting out and making ourselves walk more, we feel better at the end of the day.  We’ve even begun participating in 5k races!


Some of the races we do are in person.  I participated in the BizDash 5k with my job.  I was very happy to come in under an hour, and I wasn’t even the last person, which I fully admit I was worried I might be.  As I stated before, I’ve never really been much of a runner and found myself walking most of the time.  Thanksgiving morning my son and I will be participating in the Turkey Trot together. I’m very much looking forward to his first 5k!


We also participate in virtual races.  Yes.Fit is a website that allows you to sign up for a virtual race.  These are nice because there is no time limit on them.  You complete the race at your pace in your way.  I’m currently doing the unicorn race, which is 121.3 miles long.  Each day I attempt to knock out at least 2 miles towards it. This puts me on track to finish by the end of the year.  Some races are much shorter, but I choose to go with a long one to give me a greater sense of accomplishment.  When you complete the race, they will mail you either a medal or a t-shirt (or even both!) depending upon what you selected when you signed up for a race.  You can see your friends’ progress and cheer them along, which makes for a world of social media encouragers too.  I’d love for you to join me and help motivate me to keep going as well.  Use promo code YzvFMnTq to get a discount on your first race.


No matter how you choose to go about doing it, I highly encourage you to adopt a healthy lifestyle.  You’ve only got one body while we live this life, so it’s best to take care of it!


What’s your favorite tip for staying healthy?