What Causes Hearing Loss?

If you have ever suffered with hearing loss, or you are experiencing it at this current point in your life, then you will know what a pain it can be. It really is a hugely important thing that you need to try and deal with if it happens, as it is one of the most essential ingredients when it comes to quality of life to have a good sense of hearing. So what are the possible causes of hearing loss, and how can knowing this help you make the right decisions going forward? Let’s take a look at these issues now.


Sometimes, hearing loss is simply caused by direct damage to the inner ear. This can happen in many ways, for instance as a result of poking an item such as a cotton swab in there, or otherwise something getting in there that shouldn’t. Sometimes, it can be a small creature of some kind that crawls in and causes damage. The good news about this kind of hearing loss is that generally it will be reversed once the damage itself is fixed, which can happen pretty easily and often is merely a matter of letting the body do its thing.


If you have ever had an inner ear infection, you will know just how incredibly painful it can be. It also causes severe hearing loss – generally, you will find that you have lost almost all of your hearing in one ear, or maybe even both if you are unlucky enough to have an infection in both ears. However, with a course of antibiotics, you should find that you are able to clear it up soon enough, so there are certainly worse kinds of hearing loss out there that you could have. Nonetheless, you don’t want to leave this alone, as it could worsen over time.

Exposure To Noise

If you have had a lot of exposure to loud noise, then that is a recipe for losing your hearing at least to some degree. The truth is that even people in old age who develop hearing problems generally do so because of a lifetime of loud noises, so anything you can do to prevent that is going to be very useful indeed. However, once you do lose your hearing this way, it will be a case of having a hearing aid fitting, which will help you to hear much better – and the technology for those is getting very good indeed these days.

Ruptured Eardrum

You can get a ruptured eardrum surprisingly easily. For instance, some people get one whenever they go onto an airplane. If you ever have this, you will know that it can be annoying, and a little painful, although as hearing loss goes it is not too bad a way to have it. That’s because the eardrum heals itself in a matter of weeks generally, or a few months at most, and you really just have to wait for that to happen.