3 Hearing Problems To Look Out For In Children

There are all sorts of health problems that you’ve got to watch out for when you’ve got kids. Keeping them happy and healthy is a full-time job but one thing that parents sometimes forget about it is hearing loss. That’s because it’s a problem that we usually associate with older people but there are a lot of things that can cause hearing loss in children as well. Usually, it’s a temporary problem and it isn’t anything to worry about but in some rare cases, it might be a lasting problem. If that’s the case, you need to catch the problem as early as possible and get them the right treatment. That’s why it’s so important to be able to recognize the different causes of hearing loss and their symptoms in children.



Otitis Media

Otitis media refers to inflammation in the middle of the ear. It’s usually caused by a buildup of excess fluids in your child’s ear. It varies in its severity quite a bit. In some cases, your child will just experience slight hearing loss for a while but if the fluid in the ear gets infected, you might notice some thick liquid coming from the ear and they’ll probably be in quite a bit of pain. Their hearing is likely to be severely affected in that case and they might have a fever. In rare cases, they might end up with permanent hearing loss and may have to use a hearing aid. Otitis media is actually incredibly common in children and over 75 percent of kids will experience it at least once before their third birthday. The good news is, the majority of those cases are only minor but if you’re worried, you should take them to get checked out.


Hereditary Hearing Loss

If one of the parents of a child has hearing loss, there’s around a 50 percent chance that they’ll pass it onto their child. If either of you has hearing problems, you should have your child seen to by an audiologist to check whether their hearing is normal or not. It’s worth remembering that even if neither of the parents has hearing problems, one of you could still be carrying a recessive gene that causes hearing loss so there is always the chance that they will inherit hearing problems from birth.


Acquired Hearing Loss

Acquired hearing loss refers to any hearing loss that is caused by outside factors after a child is born. This can include things like exposure to extreme noise which damages the ear, so you need to be very careful about taking your kids to noisy areas. Head injuries can also cause hearing problems so if your child has had a bump recently, you need to get their hearing checked out. It also includes a whole host of other health problems that have hearing loss as a side effect. Common childhood illnesses like measles, chickenpox, and mumps can also do damage to your child’s ears so if they’ve recently been sick, get their ears looked at once they’re better.


Most hearing issues in children are easily fixed as long as you catch them early so it’s always best to be cautious and take them to the doctor.