Heavyweight Reasons Why You Need To Get Around To Exercise

We all know we SHOULD exercise. Some of us even make the odd attempt to get around to it. If we’re really good, we sign up for the gym and attend at least a handful of times before letting things slip. Inevitably, though, they do slip. Most of us are pretty pushed for time, after all. And, if anything’s going to get cut from your day, the chances are it’ll be your exercise.


As such, more of us than not go weeks or even months without doing much exercise. In extreme cases, we don’t break a sweat from one year to the next. This can have severe repercussions in the long-term. If you get out of breath during your working hours, this isn’t much of a worry. But, with many of us now working stagnant office jobs, our lack of exercise effort is terrible for our health. Here are a few of the reasons why.



You’ll lose all your stamina

Stamina is a funny old thing. It’s something which you need to keep on top of to retain. While it’s easy enough to build this up once you start exercising, it’s also easy to lose the moment you stop. You may, of course, assume that stamina doesn’t matter much if you aren’t exercising anyway, but you’d be wrong. Stamina impacts everything we do. Even walking up the stairs could exhaust you if you don’t put some effort in here. What’s more, issues with stamina can impact everything from blood pressure to heart rate. All because you stopped bothering to run those ten minutes each day.


Your bones will weaken and become dense

It’s also worth noting that not exercising can have severe implications for your bones. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that not using something leads to waste and weakening. On an apparent level, that applies to your muscles when you don’t exercise. But, it’s also relevant for your bones. These weaken and grow dense as you age, but the process will be much faster if you don’t make an active effort sometimes. In extreme cases, neglecting exercise can even lead to issues such as osteoporosis. Leave things here for too long, and you may even find yourself with no choice but to contact joint replacement specialists for things like hip and knee replacements at a young age. All because you neglected your daily sit-ups sometime in your twenties.


Your mood will drop

To some extent, the physical stuff is obvious to everyone. Did you know, though, that a lack of exercise can also see your mental state come crashing down? Weight gain or weakening can have a real impact on your mental health. What’s more, inertia can make it difficult to pick yourself up. By comparison, exercise releases endorphins which literally put you in a better mood. As such, this is an essential for achieving a happier you. So, what are you waiting for? Get those running shoes on and put a smile on your face, already.