How To Help Your Kids Settle Into Their New Home

If you think moving house is hard for you, it’s even harder for your kids. They were almost literally born in your house, it’s the only home they’ve ever known. Children become attached to certain things, like their bedroom and the house in general. This makes it super hard for them when you pack up and move somewhere else.


Sometimes, their sadness can last for days, weeks, even months after you’ve moved. But, if you help them settle, then you can wipe away those tears, and they’ll fall in love with your new family home. So, here are some ideas to help you do just that:



Get A ‘First Night Box’ Ready

When moving home, you have to pack everything away into boxes to be transported to your new place. This could mean all your kid’s toys and belongings are stowed away in boxes, making it hard to take them all out. So, your child has to deal with a bare room that doesn’t feel like home on the first night. To help avoid this, and settle them down, you should pack a first night box. This was an idea I got from a blog post on, and the main idea is to pack a box or two full of essentials that you can quickly unpack. This includes your child’s favorite toys and things they need for added comfort. Get as much of their stuff in this box as possible, and you ensure they don’t even go one night in the new house without their favorite things.


Decorate Their Room Before You Move

Ideally, you want to decorate as much of the house as possible before actually moving. However, if you’re strapped for time – or money – then you should only decorate the kid’s bedrooms. This will mean they go to their new house and walk into a room that feels like their own. Talk to them beforehand about what they want in their room so you can decorate it for them. If they want it to look exactly like their old one, then go for it. This is actually a really good idea as it makes them think of this new house as a home and they’ll settle in a lot better. Alternatively, you could have a look at some of the ideas on to find some inspiration for your children’s bedrooms.



Bring Them To The House Before You Move In

The worst thing you can do for your children is to leave them in the dark about the move. Don’t spring it on them and expect them to be fine with it. Talk to them about what’s happening and bring them to the house before you move in. They could even accompany you on house tours when you’re searching for a new house, to begin with. The more they see of the new house, the more accustomed to it they’ll get. Who knows, by the time you move in, they might even be more excited that upset!


Follow this advice if you want to move home and make it a lot easier for your children. It should help them settle and ensure they don’t feel sad in your new family home.