How To Help Someone With A Drinking Problem

Have you noticed that a friend or family member has been drinking a little too much, a little too often lately? Have you become concerned for their welfare? If the answer is yes, or maybe even, then it may be time to take action.


The fact is that you want what’s best for this person, which is why it’s so important to think carefully about what steps you take next. The last thing that you want is to offend them, and make them feel like they can’t talk to you.


It’s not easy helping someone who has a drinking problem, because there is just so much that you need to consider. There’s a certain way that it’s important to go about things, to ensure that you don’t just end up making things worse.


To help you to find a way to help your friend or loved one, below is a guide to everything that you should know about helping someone with a drinking problem.



Don’t accuse them

The most important thing when it comes to alcohol abuse is not to accuse the person of everything. Because if they feel backed into a corner, they may push you away and fail to open up. The best thing to do is simple mention that you’ve noticed they’re drinking a lot more than usual and to ask if everything is okay.


They may lie and tell you everything is fine, when actually it isn’t. It could be worth giving them some proof of why you are concerned, such as that they drank twice as everyone else on your last night out or that they drove home while drunk and scared you.


Be open and honest with them

When it comes to talking to someone who you think is abusing alcohol, it pays to be open and honest with them. Explain that you are only concerned because you care about them, and you don’t want to see them putting their health (and life) at risk.


Tell them why you are concerned, so that they understand fully what’s going on. They may not even realize themselves that their drinking has become a problem, so you may have to convince them that it has for them to see that.


Encourage them to get help

You can’t make them get help, but what you can do is encourage them to do so. Mention local facilities like Chateau Recovery that offer programs that could be suitable for them. Explain that there are plenty of options, from residential care to outpatient care. Tell them how much you want to help them and that you are there for them no matter what they decide.


If you are going to encourage them to get help, it’s important to make them realize how serious things have got. Be kind and understanding, but if you have to, be forceful in terms of what you say. Remind them of how much they have to lose and why it’s worth getting help.


It’s not easy helping someone with a drinking problem, but by taking the right approach, you can encourage them to get the help they need.


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