12 Things To Help Yourself Look Younger From Head To Toe

Wouldn’t it be great to stumble across the fountain of youth? You’ll certainly be popular, that’s for sure! Sadly, like many things – the fountain of youth is just a myth. But you knew that already!


The secret to looking young doesn’t involve some magic formula or potion, rather a combination of things you can do for a younger appearance. Make no mistake, you’ll need to put the work in – but the results will be worth it.


Want to look younger from head to toe? Here are 12 tips you can try today.



1. Start drinking more water

So there may not be an actual fountain of youth, but there is something you can drink to help you look younger – and that’s water. Water will help to keep your skin hydrated, your lips plump and ease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Drinking more water will offer you many benefits for your skin, as well as further health benefits. In addition to drinking water, you can eat foods that are naturally rich in water such as watermelon and cucumber to add further hydration benefits.


2. Refresh your hairstyle

Your hair color and cut can make a big difference to your appearance. Get it wrong, and it’ll age you beyond your years, but get it right, and you’ll take years off your face. Some of the most popular hairstyles to help you look younger include bangs, using conditioning treatments to give your hair lustre and shine, while a wavy bob is also among the most popular hairstyles. Visit your stylist and discuss the best options to flatter your face and give your hair new life.


3. Use anti-aging products for your face

Using anti-aging products for your face can help to stop the signs of aging in their tracks. The best anti-aging products will firm your skin and make lines appear finer, while also helping to tackle the signs of sun damage. Products that contain retinol are quite popular at the moment and are well-known for their effects to make skin appear younger.


4. Use a ‘photo filter’ product to soften fine lines

The right makeup products can make all the difference to your skin, making it look glowing and radiant while also helping to soften those pesky lines. A ‘photo filter’ product is a good way to fake the appearance of younger skin. NIOD’s Photography Fluid, MAC’s Timecheck Lotion and Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood Flawless Filter are all incredible products to use as primers under your makeup to help make skin look much smoother, as well as hiding your pores. Apply to a moisturized face and enjoy the benefits.


5. Choose makeup that flatters

Some makeup looks are best left in photographs from your younger years – what looked great back then might have the opposite effect now! As you age, the makeup you use should change – so it’s always worth a visit to the beauty counter to see what the latest trends are for more mature faces. Some simple tricks for looking younger with makeup include using a highlighter to define your cheekbones and reflect the light for a soft but gorgeous glow and giving your eyebrows some definition. Make sure you have a go-to daytime look you can apply easily that will help you to look younger easily.



6. Don’t forget your neck and décolletage

While your face can offer various hints about your age, with many simple tricks they can be hidden away. However, many women will focus on their faces and forget about the other areas that will easily give away your true age – your neck and décolletage. Take care of your neck and décolleté by using firming moisturizers on these areas and perhaps adding a bit of shimmer to highlight the area. Keep the area free from blemishes by using an oil-free cleanser, and remember to use sun protection to keep age-revealing sun spots at bay.


7. Eat your way to glowing skin

While some good beauty products will help to hide a multitude of sins, nothing can beat the natural powers of a healthy diet. Some of the best foods for a healthy complexion include avocados, eggs and almonds, which can be easily added to your diet to help encourage glowing skin. A morning smoothie made up of different fruits and vegetables can help you get those extra nutrients into your body and is ideal for a filling summer breakfast.


8. Take care of your teeth

Your teeth can change as you get older, with yellowing teeth easily betraying your age. Regular checkups at the dentist will help to identify any serious problems like gum disease early on, while using whitening products can also help to give your teeth and mouth a younger appearance. There are some excellent whitening toothpastes on the market now, or you can speak to your dentist about professional teeth whitening treatments. Keeping your teeth and gums healthy is important, and you’ll regret not taking better care of them if you have to have dentures in the future.


9. Give your hands some TLC

Hands can begin to look dry and wrinkled as you age, something that isn’t helped by running around after the children or doing endless hours of housework. Give your hands some real TLC by using an anti-aging hand cream regularly and getting manicures to refresh your nails. When choosing a manicure color, opt for something fresh and youthful like nude or pale pink – these will make your hands look much younger than garish brights or glitters that might not really suit you.


10. Get into shape

Your work and home commitments can mean that finding the time to exercise is difficult for you. However, staying active will help to keep you fit and healthy, while also helping you to look younger. There are many ways you can exercise without having to spend hours at the gym, and even if you just spend 30 minutes doing a home workout, you’ll notice the difference. Get up half an hour earlier or try walking more to help you get into shape and to feel younger both inside and out.


11. Don’t forget to moisturize your body

While you might be focused on moisturizing your face, you must also remember to moisturize your body. More mature skin types can suffer from dryness, especially if you’ve been overexposed to the sun. Whenever you get out of the shower or bath, make sure you apply moisturizer to hydrate your skin. There’s a huge selection available today to make it easier for you to take care of your skin including in-shower moisturizers and spray on body lotion. Baby oil is another useful product for locking in moisture and helping to give your skin a youthful sheen.



12. Dress to flatter your frame

While it can be tempting to buy into all the latest fashion trends, there are some you might want to avoid after you’ve reached a certain age. There are some excellent style rules for how to dress for your age in British Vogue that include classics like buying investment pieces or sticking to a capsule wardrobe. This doesn’t mean that you have to stay clear of what’s on-trend, but simply taking a closer look at items and thinking before you buy.


We spend most of our teens trying to look older, and the rest of our lives trying to look younger – the grass is always greener after all. With the right tricks and tips up your sleeve, you can look more like your younger self and leave people guessing when it comes to your age. They say age is just a number and provided you’re comfortable in your own skin – that’s what should matter.


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