Helping Your Children Conquer Their Dentist Phobia

Fear of the dentist is exceptionally common. We’re nervous about pain, injections, the sounds and smells and even the idea of visiting the dentist can bring us to panic. However, regularly visiting your dentist is important. They can spot the signs of gum disease and infection before they have the chance to do any damage, they can keep your teeth looking their best, and they could even spot the signs of other health problems such as heart disease, diabetes and even dementia.


A fear of going to the dentist often starts in childhood, perhaps after the child’s first uncomfortable experience. But, it’s essential that you find ways to support your child, so they grow into adults that are happy to get regular checkups and deal with any dental issues they may have. They’ll also then be more likely to take their own children when the time comes.



Find the Right Dentist

Finding the right dentist can be tough. Some, make you feel uncomfortable and uneasy about the experience, whereas a leading pediatric dentist can ease concerns and even make the experience enjoyable. It’s a good idea to book yourself an appointment to see how the dentist makes you feel before taking your children.  If you’re in the Cary, North Carolina area, I suggest Lane & Associates Family Dentistry.


Start Young

You can start taking your children to the dentist as soon as they’ve got their first tooth. In fact, you can take them along to your appointments even before this. Most dentists will be happy to take a quick look just to start getting them used to the process.


Hide Your Fears

Children are very good at picking up on our emotions. Even before they are old enough to develop their ideas and opinions they are more likely to like something that you do or be frightened of something that makes you nervous. This is especially true of something that’s unknown to them, like the dentist. If you seem anxious before your appointments or talk about not wanting to go, they’ll pick up on it. If you are very nervous and have a real phobia that you can’t hide, ask someone to look after the kids on the day of your appointment, so they don’t see you.



Children learn through play. Even at a very young age, the games they play and the books you read to them are their first impressions of the world. Get some books from the library about going to the dentist and play roleplaying games at home. Let them look at your teeth and try things like drawing pictures, crafting and watching episodes of their favorite cartoons featuring a dentist visit.



Don’t Give Up

A common mistake that parents make is giving up. They take their child to the dentist when they are still babies, but then either the child cries or there just doesn’t seem much point, so they stop. Then suddenly they’ve got an 8-year-old with trouble with their adult teeth coming through that’s absolutely terrified of going. Keep up with six monthly appointments even when you’ve got no concerns so that it becomes a normal event.


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