Helping Children Cope With A Relationship Breakdown

If you are going through difficulties within your relationship, it can be difficult to stop it from spilling over into other areas of your life. This is especially the case if you and your partner have children together, or one of you has a child from a different relationship. In the heat of the moment, it can be hard to stop the situation from impacting your little one, but it is important to take the steps to prevent this.

  • Make sure your children do not feel like they are carrying the burden – The first thing you need to do is make sure that your child does not feel like the relationship breakup is their fault. A lot of children feel like they are to blame for the end of a relationship. They feel like they are responsible for the parents’ happiness. It is imperative to reassure your child that the situation is nothing to do with their fault and that it is not their job to make the marriage work.
  • Try to reduce the mess of the situation – If you and your partner have decided that your relationship has come to an end, it is important to try and handle the breakup in a calm and sensible manner. We know this can be difficult, and you can only control your own actions; you cannot account for your partner. Nevertheless, should you need to file for divorce, it is a good idea to simply look for a reputable divorce law firm and allow them to handle it for you. Let the experts focus on this while you focus on your personal life and looking after your children.
  • Remind your child that they have not been abandoned – A lot of children feel like the end of a relationship means that they are going to be forgotten about and left behind. They feel like their parents are both going to start new lives and that they are just going to be forgotten about. This can be a lot for children to take on; they feel like life as they know it is never going to be the same again. You need to reassure them that this is not going to be the case. 
  • Don’t diminish the impact – It can be easy to overlook how much of an impact a relationship breakup can have on a child. This is because you are the one in the center of the storm, living the breakup and experiencing the heartache. However, you are not the only one. Children often feel devastated at situations like this, even when they are not at an age whereby they can fully understand or process the situation, so do keep this in mind. 

As you can see, there are a number of different steps you can take to help your child cope during a relationship breakdown. We know that this is not easy but it is important to try and adhere to the advice that has been mentioned above so that you can help your child through this difficult period.