Make Money Off Your Hobby

So you have a hobby or two, and you’ve been thinking recently why you don’t try and sell them – this is a very good question. If you know that you’re good at something, and better yet, you enjoy what you’re doing, why not try and make a few extra bucks? Everybody else does it, and if it doesn’t work out, what do you lose?


If you’re an artist and paint pictures, it’s most likely that you have a ton closed away behind a door that you have no idea what to do with. You get an idea, so you paint it, and then you get a new, and so on. So rather than letting all of that beautiful work go to waste, take some pictures and post them online. Test the water and see what kind of reaction you get from people. It may lead to someone asking whether it’s for sale – and in which you say – why of course!



There may be things you never even thought that you were capable of doing, like building your own circuit so that you can create your very own electronic masterpiece. It may seem super advanced from what you’re used to, but with the help of sites like, there is no reason you can’t supply yourself with the finest equipment and materials to ensure that you start with quality.


So how do you take your craft, and turn it into a money maker?


Practice makes perfect

As cliche as this is – it’s true. If you want people to take you seriously, then you need to make sure that what you’re putting out there is amazing. It doesn’t have to be perfect – what is perfect? It just needs to be work that you’re proud of. You are constantly learning, and after making each piece, you will have gained more experience, and new techniques. This is why the more you do something – the stronger you’ll become.


Set up a page

This doesn’t need to be a fancy website; it’s as simple as making an account on Etsy, or even social media like Instagram and Facebook. Choose a name that reflects what you make, and upload good photos that show off your pieces in the best light, along with information about what it is you’ve made, and why. People like to know what inspired and drove you, so be open, and people will love you for that. Then direct people to your Etsy page so that they can have a better look at prices and how they can go about purchasing one of your pieces.



Be confident in your ability

One of the most important rules that you can ever learn, is to believe in yourself. If you don’t, why should anyone else? It’s not easy, but there are tips that can help you like shown on Think about why you make what you do. You always need to have a reason why, so when people ask – which they will – you can tell them your story.


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