Making a Holiday with the Kids Simple

It’s the beginning of a new year and you may be considering organising your family holiday. Of course, planning a holiday when you have kids can be a little more difficult than planning for adults only. It becomes your responsibility to create a good time for everyone, including kids who can easily become overwhelmed and who are unable to organise anything for themselves. Here’s some advice to make travelling with kids as simple as possible!

Book All-Inclusive Accommodation

Accommodation is an important factor in any trip. Two options tend to best for families. The first is Apartments for Rent. Using an apartment will allow you to create a home away from home where your little ones can feel comfortable. It can also significantly cut costs. You don’t have to book separate hotel rooms, everyone can be kept together, and you can get ingredients in to cook meals yourself rather than having to dine out every meal. You may also want to consider all-inclusive accommodation in family resorts. While the outset for this kind of accommodation may be a little more expensive outright, there are plenty of benefits that it provides for families. Kids tend to want constant drinks, ice creams, and snacks as well as their standard meals throughout the day while you’re away. All-inclusive provides this at almost all times. This means your little ones can fill up without it costing you a fortune every day.

Plan Days Out

Kids can be content building sandcastles, splashing about in the pool, and exploring the beach for shells, seaweed and other novelties. But you’re going to want to organise a trip or two while you’re away. Getting away from the beach or resort will help to give your kids the opportunity to immerse themselves in different cultures you may be staying in. They can see landscapes they haven’t seen before, keep their minds occupied, and really stimulate their imaginations too. Organise a trip so that they can see some of the local sights of your chosen destination.  Research things to do before you go away and if things are ticketed, it’s usually best to buy tickets in advance – this can prevent queueing, boredom and consequent tantrums or other difficult behaviour.

Remember to Top Up Sunscreen Regularly

Kids have really sensitive skin. While everyone should wear sunscreen, it’s on ourselves if we fail to apply it properly and experience burns and discomfort as a result. But you need to take responsibility for protecting your little one’s. Choose the highest sun protection factor possible. Browse the shelves. Aim for a minimum of factor 50. Then, remember to top it up regularly. It’s important that you do this on cloudy days as well as sunny days, as UV rays can pass through the clouds still! Doing this will prevent your kids from experiencing the pain and discomfort that are always associated with sunburn. If your little ones are going to be spending any time in water – whether that’s pools or the sea – waterproof creams tend to be preferable. These don’t wash away as easily when they get wet.

Sure, organising a trip is always going to be a little stressful when you have little ones to look out for. You have a whole lot of responsibility on your plate. But hopefully, following the above steps can make things a little bit more simple.