Here’s Why Your Home May Be An Easy Target For Burglars

You may have a welcome mat outside your front door, but that isn’t an invitation to every Tom, Dick or Harry who walks past your house – especially if one of them happens to be a burglar. We have already given you some tips on how to beat a burglar, especially during the recent dark nights of winter. However, there are things you do unwittingly that makes your home an easy target for these would-be intruders. Consider the following.



Letting people into your home

Door-do-salesmen, charity workers, labourers touting for work…have you ever let them into your house? At the very least, you may have chatted to them on the doorstep. Of course, not all of them are burglars, but people can be crafty, and if you let anybody see inside your home (and all the valuables you have inside), you are asking for trouble. Burglars don’t always wear ski masks and carry swag bags – they are everyday people you come into contact with. Don’t trust anybody, especially if they are strangers!


Leaving your back door open

People with pets are guilty of this. They leave the back door open, letting kitty or pooch out for a wander, and then go and do something else around the house. Any open door is an invitation to a burglar, and they only need a couple of minutes to grab something of value, be that your purse, laptop, or anything else you leave lying around. Let your pets out by all means, but shut your door. Then lock it for good measure.


Having a predictable schedule

Burglars will spend days and weeks scouting your home. As horrible as it is to think about, they will watch your every move, and if they notice a pattern in your schedule, they will know when to strike. You may leave the house for an hour each morning when you take the kids to school. You may go to bed at a set time every night. A burglar only needs a few minutes to break into your home, so when he knows you’ll be absent for a while, that is when he will strike. So, what to do? If you do go out, ensure every door and window is locked, and perhaps leave the tv on as a deterrent. When you go to bed, lock everything up, and then activate your home security system.


Untouched mail

If you are going away for a few days, your mail will build up, either on your door mat or in your mailbox. This is a tell-tale sign that you aren’t in the house, and the burglar will have free reign to strike. Of course, you don’t want to put off going on vacation, but there are a few things you can do while you are away. This includes asking somebody you trust to live in your home while you are away, having your lights turn on and off on a timer system, or asking your neighbours to keep an eye on your property while you’re gone. For extra security, you could set up a security cam somewhere in your home, and have it hooked up to your smart device, allowing you to see exactly what is going on in your home while you’re on holiday.



As well as the advice given above, you should make sure your home has secure locks on every door and window. A decent alarm system is a must, as are security cameras placed around your perimeter as a deterrent. Of course, if a burglar does get into your home when you’re already inside, you will ask the question, ‘How do I protect myself in my home?’ Follow the link for the answer, and call the police immediately.


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