How Safe Are Your Home’s EMF Levels?

We all try our best to maintain an aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and secure home. We try very hard to make sure that it’s kept clean and hygienic and we take steps to ensure that any hazardous materials are kept well away from kids and pets. Cleaning products are kept shut securely away and we’re ever vigilant in our quest to eliminate choking hazards from batteries to stray Legos. Yet, in an era where households are increasingly reliant upon technology to make our lives easier and more pleasant, most of us are unaware that the more we load our homes with appliances, the more we open the door to a new health hazard… EMF!



What is EMF?

EMF or Electromagnetic Fields are generated by a wide range of electronic devices. Electromagnetic fields are invisible and undetectable to the human senses, yet prolonged exposure can lead to a range of health issues. EMF is not, in itself anything to be afraid of. It’s everywhere in the natural world and our bodies produce their own electromagnetic fields. The EMF that occurs in nature is generally very low in intensity, however and as we become increasingly reliant on an ever wider array of electronic devices to facilitate our lifestyle, or EMF exposure becomes more frequent and more layered. We face EMF exposure in our workplaces and, perhaps more importantly, in the home on a daily basis.


What are the dangers of EMF exposure?

Because the constant exposure to a range of electromagnetic fields is a relatively new phenomenon, surprisingly little research has been carried out (so far) to link EMF with the negative health effects reported. That said, the same symptoms are reported so frequently that a coincidence seems extremely unlikely. Because EMF radiation can interrupt a range of our biological processes at a cellular level they can lead to a wide range of health risks. Commonly reported health effects from EMF exposure include;


  • Increased stress
  • Lack of sleep
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Loss of libido
  • Slowing of metabolism
  • Increased risk of cancer


Where is your home at risk?

You may be surprised by how many of the everyday appliances you’ve come to rely on emit strong doses of EMF radiation. There was a time when the kitchen was the biggest risk of EMF exposure because of the use of microwave ovens and other electronic kitchen appliances, but that was before the wifi age. While wireless internet technology is extremely convenient, wifi radiation is known to broaden and intensify our EMF exposure. The ubiquity of smartphones, laptops, tablets and various other screens have also broadened our risk of EMF exposure.  


What can you do?

While EMF exposure is a potentially serious health risk, it is not insurmountable. Wifi radiation protection is extremely easy if you choose the right router (the JRS Eco Wifi router has software that can facilitate a 90% reduction in EMF output). Keep electronic devices out of the bedroom. If you usually charge your cell phone by your bedside table, leave it in another room as EMF is a common cause of lack of sleep. Turn off an unplug all electrical devices when they’re not in use and you’ll see your risk of EMF exposure drop significantly.


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