A Home That Grows With Your Family

At the core of every loving family is a home that makes everyone smile on a daily basis. It is having a home that everyone can enjoy, a place that gives everyone that warm and fuzzy feeling deep in their belly and a place that will grow with you and your kids year on year.


That is the trick here. As you can see in this interview on http://www.flemingconstructionllc.com/news/owner-zak-fleming-featured-on-who-tv/ the way to overcome high real estate prices and limited space is to remodel what you already have. Yes, love is the most important part of family love, but a home is what allows that love to explode like a New Year’s Eve fireworks display.



With that in mind, here are some tips on how to get your home renovation plans absolutely spot on:


Let The Love Flow

In order to create a space that feels large and allows everyone to flow in and out, you need to know how your family functions. It is knowing where everyone tends to come together in your home, where your kids dump their bags after school, what the most popular room in the home is and what your routine is when it comes to putting on your wellies and going outside together. Open plan is more popular than ever but, as you can see at https://www.homify.co.uk/ideabooks/318192/your-living-room-can-become-a-multi-functional-space, it is large, flowing and multifunctional rooms with a few more intimate spaces that are becoming more valued by families.



Traditions Haven’t Changed

There are some age-old traditions that will all remember from our own childhoods, namely how the kitchen was always the beating heart of the home and fireplaces were the centerpoint of the living room. This value hasn’t changed, even if the spaces themselves have. It is just about accommodating these changes and making the appropriate upgrades. A more open kitchen with an area to lounge in so that everyone feels a part of the family. A sitting area that surrounds a log burner and not just a living room geared toward the television. It is little things like this you should take into consideration when remodelling.


Why So Serious?

This is your family home, somewhere you are living with your family now, the place where most of your memories are going to be made. So make it fun. Ignore what real estate agents tell you about value-adding renovations and focus on what will make you all smile a little more. If you design your home to make your family life the most enjoyable it can be then you will probably find the family that follows up – should you decide to sell – will love it too. Add a slide from the bedroom to your living room, add a basketball court to your garden and whatever else is going to make you laugh.



From The Floor Up

The flooring you choose is going to have a huge influence on your home, which is why you need to consider your options carefully. Smooth floors are practical, wooden floors are warm and healthy, and both are easy to keep clean.This is the part of your home that will get battered the most, so make sure it suits your lifestyle and adds to the overall ambience you are hoping to achieve. That is important.


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