The Home Improvements That Will Actually Boost Its Value

After getting on the property ladder by buying your home, the next thing you’ll be thinking about is how to increase its value. Property is an investment after all, so it makes sense to try and boost its value. Home improvements are one way you can increase your property’s value over time, as well as help you turn it into your dream property.


Find out more about the home improvements that will actually boost its value.



Transform your backyard

One of the first steps you can take to boost your home’s value is to transform your backyard. Your backyard can be an extension of your home with space for entertaining, growing fruit and vegetables as well as give your home’s exterior the perfect finishing touch. Simple changes such as adding decking, digging some flower beds or even adding a swimming pool will give your backyard a more attractive appearance, adding to your home’s value.


Cheap backyard improvements can help you transform your backyard on a budget. Adding some new furniture or getting creative with plants are just some of the ways to change your yard’s appearance. Think about how you can make some easy changes that will help give it a more professional look.


Upgrade a tired bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house and is also one that can date quickly. If your bathroom is looking far from polished, then giving it an upgrade could be what you need. Replacing the tiling or adding a new bathroom suite will upgrade your bathroom and give it a more modern look. Meanwhile, adding some new features like a power shower and heated flooring transform it into the luxury bathroom of your dreams.


Take a look at some top bathroom makeover ideas to give you some inspiration on how you could upgrade your bathroom to make it more modern.


Create an open living space

Open living spaces are an attractive prospect for potential buyers, instantly making a property look larger and encapsulating modern living. While not all homes come with an open plan living space, it’s something you can create if you want to carry out a more drastic home improvement and have the funds t do so.


Whether you want to combine your living and dining space or add an extension to enhance your living room, there are many possibilities for how you can go open plan. Focus on creating a space that feels light with plenty of windows to create a look that’s straight out of an interiors magazine.


Install a new kitchen

Your kitchen is another room that has the potential to increase the value of your home. Kitchens can also date quickly, and if you’ve moved into a pre-owned property, you might find that the kitchen isn’t quite to the specification you’d like it. While your kitchen might be functional and ‘ok for now,’ it might be time to consider a refurb to get your kitchen looking exactly how you’d pictured it.


One of the best ways to get the kitchen of your dreams is to hire a professional design service to create your ideal kitchen. For a professional service,  CreativeDesignKitchens can help bring your kitchen ideas to life and help you make the most of your available space. The kitchen is the heart of the home after all, and an attractive, fully-equipped kitchen is one good way to boost the value of your property.


Refresh your exterior

It’s easy to overlook the exterior of your home when it comes to making improvements, but there’s actually a lot of value in refreshing your home’s exterior. Giving your exterior some TLC doesn’t have to involve an extensive job. There are some clever ways you can increase your home’s value through exterior paint that can make a great first impression when people pass your home, making it look more attractive without any major changes.


You should also think about implementing a more regular cleaning schedule to help keep the exterior of your home looking sparkling. Taking a power washer to your patio, tiles and other exterior details will ensure your exterior stays looking fresh while also helping to preserve it.


Go green

Want to increase your home’s value while helping the environment? Make your home greener. Adding some energy-efficient features or making changes to how your home uses energy will not only save you money on your household bills in the short-term but will also make your home more attractive to buyers in the future.


There are many ways you can make your home greener, from simple changes like adding energy-efficient lighting to more drastic changes like installing water-storage solutions. Adding solar panels to your property is a popular way to make your home make better use of energy, and it’s becoming much more affordable to do. Think about the different changes you can make to ensure your home is more environmentally-friendly and to make it a more attractive property to buy in the future.


Some tips for planning your home improvements

It’s important to remember that making home improvements doesn’t have to involve making significant changes to your home. Being innovative with your home improvements can help change the look and feel without you having to completely gut your home. Think of subtle changes you can make to improve its appearance – you’d be surprised at the difference a coat of paint can make to your property.


It’s also important to factor in cost when planning your home improvements. Budget carefully to stop you from overspending and getting yourself stuck into a project that you can’t afford to complete. Make sure you get the costs agreed in advance so that you know where you stand, or tackle your home improvements bit by bit to help you spread out the cost.


Home improvements that not only transform your home but add value are a great way to further your investment in your property. Rather than making changes for the sake of it, consider what value it will bring to your home to help you decide whether or not it’s the right move for you.


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