The Home Invaders That Risk The Safety Of Your Home


Most of us think we’re doing a great job at providing our family with home security. We double lock the doors when we leave, and keep the windows safely on the latch when we’re home. Maybe you’ve installed remote access security cameras that will alert you to any movement in your home? Perhaps you have CCTV watching the perimeter of your home? No matter how good your locks are or how secure your boundary fence is, there are some home invaders that are almost impossible to stop:



These tiny creatures are unlikely to be picked up by your security settings. They scout your property for sweet things to steal, then bring with them an entire army to collect it. These little home invaders don’t wipe their feet or wash their hands before they march all over your dinner, either. If hygiene is important to you, reduce the risk of them coming into your home. Keep food put away. Vacuum crummies as soon as you make them. Don’t leave pet food out for long either.




These pests can destroy your home. It might be hard to believe when you consider their size, but in a few short months, they can render a supporting beam so dangerous it might collapse. You need a pest control service that can hunt down the source of the problem and exterminate these creatures throughout. A good service can help you with preventative measures. This might ensure you never suffer another attack of these destructive home invaders again. Be sure not to bring in wooden furniture that might already be under attack from termites.



That passing rain shower can become very destructive to your home if you have a loose roof tile or broken gutter. Penetration or leaks can also bring mold and other bacterial nasties into your home. Water can become hazardous if you have breathing difficulties. It can also damage your decor, your furniture, and the structure of your home over time. Make sure you regularly check for leaks. Keep your plumbing secure, and treat mold as soon as you find it.




These larger pests are easy to detect. You can hear them in the walls and scratching along your ceiling. You’ll see their feces and even their tails as they scurry off back to their hole. You can use human traps for mice if you live in a rural area and replace them back in a suitable environment. If you become overrun, though you will need a professional service to get rid of them all.



Many of us are allergic to bee stings. They can even be fatal. But bees are largely protected, so resist the temptation to swat and kill them. Instead, speak to a local beekeeper about removing them to rehome. Alternatively, speak to your local authority for advice here. Many bee species are essential to the environment. However, your health and your family’s welfare must come first. Take care.


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