How To Keep Your Home Safe When You’re On Vacation

We all love vacations, right? As much as you love your home, it’s great to get away for a few days and see someplace new. It’s a chance to get super excited as you open your mind to new experiences with the whole family. The only slight drawback is that you leave your home empty. Now, it suddenly becomes a prime threat to burglars and thieves. 

All it takes is a few regular calls to your house for someone to realize nobody’s inside. Not to mention the obvious telltale signs: no lights on, no car in the driveway, no noise from inside, curtains always closed, etc. It can sometimes feel like you’re leaving behind a house with a huge sign saying ‘break into me, nobody will stop you!’.

Of course, you want to avoid any issues when you’re away and enjoy a vacation without worrying about a home disaster. You’ll be pleased to know there are some simple steps you can take to secure your home while you’re away:

Install a security system

All homes come with some kind of security system. However, most of these are…well…garbage. They consist of a house alarm and maybe some motion sensors. If it’s an old house, the security system probably doesn’t even work properly anymore. So, get an updated system with modern features to keep your house safe. Most modern home security systems come with CCTV cameras and can be monitored via an app. Some even have an external security company managing the system and being alerted of suspicious activities. This way, you can check on your home while you’re out and receive alerts if something dodgy is going on. Plus, the sight of cameras around your home is enough to deter most people. 

Set up light timers

This is a smart way to give the illusion of people living in your home. Set up a light to turn on and off with a timer. You can buy timer plugs to fit lamps, or you can get smart lightbulbs that can be controlled via an app. The choice is yours, and the idea is the lights turn on at night to make it look like someone is in the house. A pitch-black home at night screams unoccupied, so the lights can keep unwanted visitors away. 

Leave a car in the driveway

If possible, you should leave a car in your driveway when you leave. This is feasible if you have two family cars – one can stay at home. Or, you could get a taxi to the airport or a lift from a family friend. If you only have one car, and you have to take it with you, consider asking a friend or neighbor if they’d park in your driveway. 

This actually brings up a bonus tip: ask a friend or family member to house-sit for you. This is the best way to feel confident that your home is safe! However, it’s not always possible for most people to find someone who can do this for them. 

There you go; follow these steps to go on vacation without worrying about the safety of your home. Now, you can enjoy a stress-free holiday that’s full of fun and laughter.