Home Truths: 5 Ways Your Home Could Be Harming Child Development

As a loving parent, providing your child with the perfect start in life is the most important item on your ‘to do’ list. Home is where the heart is and can be the ideal foundation to promote those positive aspects. However, it can also be your worst enemy.



Here are five areas where overlooking simple elements could cause more damage than good.


#1. Causing Illness   

All children pick up the occasional minor illnesses. Meanwhile, a little dirt can be good for building their immune systems. However, an unclean home can encourage continued illness. This can lead to missed days at school, which brings a whole host of problems. Aside from the surrounding, you must think about pets. A dog fleas treatment plan could prevent an unwanted situation for your child as well as yourself. In addition to those obvious issues, the embarrassment could be coupled with childhood bullying. This is another factor that could harm emotional development.


#2. Ignoring Outside Joys

The family home should provide a happy foundation for your child. However, you don’t want them to stay indoors on a 24/7 basis. Embracing the garden with simple activities like growing fruit and veg can help them appreciate external joys. Meanwhile, playing sports and doing other physical activities can have an equally positive impact. The last thing you want is to be left with a couch potato.


#3. Discouraging Self-Learning

As a parent, playing an active role in your child’s academic and emotional development is key. Nonetheless, it’s equally important for them to have an opportunity to grow by themselves. If the home doesn’t boast a special area for your child to complete creative tasks, it could stop them from gaining this crucial aspect. Aside from arts and crafts, this place can be used for reading and studies. Containing the mess in one room also allows you to shut the door on it when your child is in the middle of a project. This in itself enables them to complete tasks that reward long-term effort.



#4. Restricting Social Growth

Being happy in their own company is crucial. Then again, there’s also an equal need for your child to enjoy human interaction. Modern tech can allow them to communicate with school friends in a digital world. However, it’s face-to-face relationships that truly matter. Keeping all of their items in the bedroom can make them very private. Turn the living room into a social hub and try to enjoy family gaming and Netflix binging. This will go a long way to maintaining a happy vibe too.


#5. Promoting Laziness

All parents want to do everything they can for their children. Still, it’s important that you avoid falling into the trap of having lazy kids. A cluttered home encourages them to ignore the need for good organization, which is why a minimalist approach works wonders. This makes it far easier to maintain control. Even if you don’t expect the kids to complete chores, there’s no reason they shouldn’t put things away and help out in simple ways. Otherwise, those expectations of having everything handled by others can sneak into other life aspects. Taking responsibility is key.


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