New Homeowner? Understand These 3 Basic Tenets

Buying a home can be a very overwhelming experience, especially when it’s your first time.  There are so many different things that you must learn, and quickly, in order to ensure that you’re able to purchase that perfect place for the perfect price.  Today’s contributed post takes a look at three things to look at when it comes to ensuring that you’re treating your new house the best way that you can once you’re in it.



Owning your first home can be a wonderful experience. Not only can you begin to identify and apply to your space what running your own family home means to you, but it can be the very first step in an adventure which is sure to last you a lifetime of happiness. As someone who may have been renting properties, or simply living at your spouses, owning your own first joint home, one you can truly stamp your name on, is something to love and desire. It can feel immensely satisfying when you have this opportunity. However, you shouldn’t let this blind you to the fact that running a household is a responsibility first and foremost, and to keep a safe and happy home, there are some things you should know regarding its daily upkeep.


We would like to propose that the following three basic tenets any new homeowner should know will keep you happy in your home for the longest time possible.


Know Your Electricity

Electricity is not always apparently understandable, and so many homeowners neglect to learn anything about it at all. When it comes to a fault, they may need to hire an electrician and might pay over the odds while they try and identify the issue. Electricians are always recommended to solve your power issues because they are trained in the safety requirements they need to interact with the system correctly.


Doing your own DIY repairs can prove fatal, so don’t attempt to try them unless you have experienced yourself. In order to save money on the callouts though, and in an attempt to be a more aware homeowner, knowing how your system works can help you out tremendously. Know where the power lines run. Know which walls shouldn’t be knocked down due to live currents. Upgrade your fuse box using a service like On Time Electrical found here, and know the location thereof, so it’s easily accessible to you, and not at all accessible to your children.




As someone who has rented in apartments or hasn’t been responsible for the cleaning of your home to the degree you should, you may not know about damp. Damp can occur in a few ways, but the most common two are rising damp, created by rising moisture under the flooring, or damp created by moisture in the air.


This occurs when your room isn’t ventilated, and the cold air outside prevents the warm air inside from escaping easily. If you have ventilation locks on your windows, consider keeping this open as often as possible, especially when cooking or heating your home. This can prevent mould from occurring, which can be porous and give off spores, contributing to the ill health of your family members.



How can someone access your property when you’d rather them not?  Think like a thief here, and inspect your property. Are there blind points? Are there easily climbable surfaces? How much noise would entering your property make? Be sure that you overcome these structural weaknesses and improve where necessary to craft a home space that is secure and can give you peace of mind when you’re laying in your bed at night. This might involve installing a new security system, upgrading the strength of your windows, or simply getting a dog with an intimidating bark.


With these tips, you’re sure to be a better homeowner, happier in the new life you have to live.


What advice would you give to a first time homebuyer?

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