Hosting Afternoon Tea

An afternoon tea party is a charming little event where you and your friends can get together and enjoy some tasty little treats. There’s a few different things you can do to make sure the afternoon is perfect, from what to do and what to serve. It is an English tradition that is loved all over the world. It can be rather expensive to do it out, so having people round yours will save you a few pennies, even though you’ll be having just as much fun. If you’re interested to know what an afternoon tea involves, and how to host the most perfect time, have a read of these tips.



The Food

Let’s start with the best bit first, the cakes. Generally they’re various different types of cakes and cookies to try. The most traditional of afternoon tea stands will always have scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam to serve. They also have a small slice of victoria sponge cake, and maybe a cookie or two. Making your own cookies is easy. Just pop to your local store and buy a cookie mix, if there are children coming, you could get different shaped cutters to make things fun, such as the ones found at Even the adults might like a bit of variation. Try making different flavoured cookies to mix it up a little. Some of the other cakes are a bit hard to make, but any decent recipe book should give you the guidance you need if you want to keep it all home baked. Make sure you serve the stand with a pot of tea and a cup of sugar for people to help themselves to, it’ll follow the true English afternoon tea tradition.


Once you’ve got the cakes out the way, finger sandwiches are next. It is up to you what types of sandwiches and cakes you would like to put out. But if you wanted to follow true English tradition, the cakes and sandwiches  are usually as follows. First let’s start with the sandwiches. Usually, the bottom biggest section of the afternoon tea stand has sandwiches on it, the rest are filled with cakes. So, for the sandwich selection variety is always the best way to go. Mix it up between white and brown breads to make sure you’re pleasing everyone, and to give the food a bit of variation. Tradition fillings are ham and cheese, you can either use butter or a light layer of mayonnaise. Try to get the right balance between cheese and ham so that neither is overpowering. If you are using mayonnaise, make sure the layer is really thin so that it doesn’t get messy when eaten.



The next filling you can do is a prawn cocktail styled filling, also a traditional option on an afternoon tea stand. To make everything homemade, here is a simple prawn filling for your sandwiches. You’ll need a bowl of cooked prawns, some ketchup, a lemon, some cayenne seasoning and some mayonnaise. Mix all together by slowly adding a bit of each ingredient until you get the perfect taste. Spread a generous layer, but not too much, of the filling onto the sandwich and serve. There are many other traditional fillings that you can try which can be found here,

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