How is the Slots and Casino Industry Changing in 2021?

2020 pretty much turned our lives upside down. From Covid-19 to large scale protests to looming wars to horrific fires, the year left us with the worst possible memories. However, there were a few positive aspects as well. One of these aspects is the large scale digitization of the gambling industry – check out not boku casinos.

Even though it started at the dawn of the Internet age, the digitization process has been accelerated since the pandemic began. The land-based casinos might get their players back eventually, but for now, online casinos are the most cherished gambling platforms globally. Read below to see how 2021 will change the gambling and slots industry.

The Statistics

According to Global Poker research and statistics firm, the number of first time online poker players in the US increased by 255%. Besides, the overall online gambling industry witnessed a surge at a CAGR of 11.4% and registered a whooping US$ 56.9 Billion total market size. At this rate, the online gambling market is expected to reach US$ 127.3 Billion in revenue by 2027.

Innovations in Gambling and Slots Industry

With such a significant surge in popularity, the online gambling industry is introducing new and innovative technologies and practices to cater to online gamblers’ new generation. Here are a few of those innovative newly introduced in the online gambling industry.

Use of Virtual and Augmented Realities

The introduction of Artificial Reality and Virtual Reality has changed the whole concept of online gambling. Now the live casinos are streamed through the VR headsets, making it possible for the players to get a 360 degree perspective of the whole process. Besides, the AR slots are also on their way and will be introduced soon to the online slot fanatics. These machines will carry specialized augmented graphics that will magnify the real slots betting experience.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is another important innovation soon to be introduced to the online gambling industry. The technology can make it easier for online casinos to verify the identities of their users, thus making the whole process more secure, efficient and fast.

Artificial Intelligence Taking Over the Customer Services

Artificial intelligence is the next big thing that is already being used in the online gambling industry to some extent. Online casinos use AI bots to provide players with instant help on a few issues. However, within the next few years, artificial intelligence might control the whole customer services departments.

Better Security

With the introduction of cloud servers and better encryption frameworks, online casinos’ overall security and reliability have been enhanced massively. However, online casinos are now coupling these technologies with Artificial Intelligence and Facial Recognition to solidify their security further and making it utterly safe for players to risk their money online.

Enhanced Slots Graphics

Flash days are officially gone, and slot machines are now being built using the HTML5 framework. It allows slot makers to create visually stunning 2D and 3D games with enhanced graphics, better quality, smoother performance, stunning animations and better control on the touch screen.