How long should I bet on the same slot machine game?

Game sessions and durations matter a lot in slot games because they determine a lot of things. One, how long you’ll play for, two your chances of winning at once or at the 15th time – join to access slots with great graphics.

Therefore because of this, players are usually curious and interested in knowing what game session would favour them and how long or short their durations would be.

What is a slot machine?

A slot machine has various names. Fruit machine, puggy, The slots, Poker machine, Pokies, Fruities to mention but a few. It is a gambling machine where players stake with real money in the hope to win some back.

Technology, however, has done a lot of good to slot machines, as there are now different types and variations of slots out there, each trying to outdo the former with a lot of key and enticing features. The advent of technology has also brought what is known as Online slots. Online slots have every feature that a traditional slot machine would have. Players access this through a website or a phone application.

To Bet Longer on a machine or to change machines.

Determining your duration will go like this, after setting the number of rolls (spins) you want and your credit is down, you should cash out and end the game session on your slot machine. Should you win something during your second round of spins, you may continue playing, choosing up to 10 rounds per bet session. Depending on your credits earned. You can determine whether you want to play on a slot machine or not in a simpler way than we usually recommend. Starting your bet from the minimum, using that to test the ground before putting your leg in it.

Your first experience will help you set your limits quickly when you win or lose. You should not continue playing on a slot machine that pays little to nothing as it is not profitable; this is why it is important not to get stuck on a machine. Try others. Once you noticed that you keep losing on a slot machine, just try another because the probability that you’ll never win even once is high.

Advantages of changing slot machines.

  1. You’ll get more experience playing different slots
  2. You’ll be able to know which slot pays and which one doesn’t
  3. Trying out and betting on different slots will save you from wasting a huge amount of money playing games on only one slot machine that pays insignificantly
  4. You may even be lucky to win on multiple slot machines.


The advisable thing for any player to do is to play their games on different slot machines until they get what they desire. This is a second clause as it is also advisable to start betting from the lowest bet amount if it is a slot machine you have no experience with. This is to avoid huge losses that may occur. So definitely stop betting on a slot machine once you reach your set limits or once you notice there’s no win for you there.