How To Avoid Relapse

We are going through one of the toughest years that the world has had in a long time. With the pandemic causing a lot of unrest and worry, people are finding it hard to stay sober, to stay sane and to stay happy. The result? A rise in the number of people heading back rehab because they have once again turned to something to help them cope with their lives. 

Avoiding relapses is very difficult for someone who has had a history of drug or alcohol abuse and understanding how to find the right Drug Addiction Treatment Center & Alcohol Rehab is so important. Avoiding relapse is the key to maintaining health through to the end of the year and if you want to ensure that you stay on track, check out our tips for avoiding relapse.

Stay Away From Those Who Encourage Drug/Alcohol Use

If you have friends who like to party, you need to avoid those friends. You don’t need to be in places where you could be tempted away from sobriety. You should also only surround yourself with people who respect your need for health and sobriety and that takes some effort if most of your friends like to drink or take recreational drugs.

Avoid Those Old Hangouts

Do you usually hang out with your stoner friends in particular clubs? Stay away from those clubs. Do you find bars a temptation? Stay away from those, too. You need to think about how you can find new places to hang out and enjoy yourself and they don’t have to be in places with a bar.

Think About Sober Living

There are sober living facilities you can choose to live in to be surrounded by support and other people going through the same issues. If you are talking to those who can help you to stay on track, you are going to be protecting yourself. You’ll feel stronger – strength in numbers is a real thing!

Speak To Your Previous Rehab Facilitator

If you have stayed in a rehab facility before, you should pop back in to talk to your facilitator that you had before. If you have doctors or nurses there or even an advisor that you can talk to, you will feel better about it and you know you have someone to keep you on track and looking at your goals.

Therapy Appointments, Please

Don’t be scared to stay on track. With the right therapy, you have someone to talk to and stay on track with. They can monitor your appointments and tell you whether you are slipping off the rails, too.

Relapsing doesn’t mean that you have failed. You may need a stint in rehab again to protect you from dipping during this pandemic. You have an addiction, so as long as you are aware of yourself and how you feel, you will be able to remain as on track as possible and avoid falling down. Relapse is a risk, and we need to avoid risk!