How to Earn Extra Money as a Parent

Parenting can be a full-time job, but there are other times when you may have some space in the day, and you wonder if it could be spent more wisely. While the kids are asleep for an hour or two in the afternoon, for instance, that’s prime time for earning a little extra money if only it were possible. It might have been more difficult in the past when you needed to be employed, but now there are lots of opportunities on the internet – here are some of them below. 


If you’ve recently become a parent and needed to go part-time or give up a mainstream income, you will probably still have valuable skills you can offer the business world as a freelancer. The internet is presently thriving with freelance opportunities. Websites like Fiverr and Upwork can help match your skills with the client’s needs. The great thing about freelancing in this way is that you can take on as much or as little work as you can manage while still looking after the little one. 

Affiliate Marketing 

Another easy and time flexible way to earn extra money from home is through affiliate marketing. This refers to the process of advertising third party products or services, like a local Chiropractor on your blog or selling products. It can be a lucrative income stream if you have a reasonably large following, and it’s usually something you enjoy doing anyway. If you already have a blog or vlog with a following, it makes sense to work at it and sign up to an AM agency. If you don’t have a blog, now’s a good time to start.

Website Testing 

If you spend a lot of your spare moments on your phone or laptop browsing the internet, you will probably make a good candidate for a website tester. Many businesses want their website to live up to user expectations: being user-friendly and easy to navigate. They will pay between $10 and $60 for your services. So if you have a spare 20 minutes while the kids are sleeping, why not earn a little extra cash doing something you would do anyway. 

Online Tutor 

If you have some teaching experience or an ESOL certificate from when you took a gap year after graduation, it might be time to dig it out and put it to use again. The internet has several agencies that can match you up with students in Asia, where the market for English speaking lessons is booming. You can schedule classes for the morning, afternoon, or evening, whichever suits. Even one or two classes per day could add up to a reasonable second income.

Content Creator 

Are you an avid writer or creator? Do you know how to use the Adobe suite to create great logo designs? The internet is your friend! Use platforms like Fiverr and Upwork to list your skills as a content creator and accept as much work as is reasonable with a young child running around. If writing’s more your thing, then you’re in luck. The internet loves new well-written content, and there are many content writing agencies at your disposal.