New Year, New You: Improve Your Appearance and Self Esteem in 2018

It’s no secret that when you look good on the outside, you feel good on the inside. Looking your best and self esteem go hand in hand, but maybe you’ve got yourself into a bit of a rut and aren’t feeling up to scratch in your appearance. It happens, we all lead such busy lives and something has to give- often it’s the way we look and dressing for comfort and convenience becomes a way of life. But it doesn’t have to be this way, a few simple changes can really allow you to make the most out of the way you look which will boost your confidence and generally make for a happier you. If you want 2018 to be your year, here’s how you can go about it improving your appearance.



Healthy Hair

As the old saying goes, your hair is the ball gown you never take off. Hair is so important to our identity, and it only takes one bad hair day to make you realise just how much it can affect your self esteem. Your best bet would be to visit a hairdresser and have a ‘big chop’ where you let go of all of the dead ends. While it might end up a little shorter than you’d like, you get to start with hair that’s healthy and doesn’t feel frazzled or continue splitting from the dead ends. Invest in some good products- oils, deep conditioning masks and leave in conditioner all help to nourish and protect the hair. And go easy on heat and chemicals. If you just leave your hair to grow, use protective styles like braids and buns in bad weather and generally leave it alone it will quickly grow and feel healthier than it ever has. Think of some heat free styling options- for example plaiting damp hair and leaving it overnight gives gorgeous voluminous heat-free waves. If you have naturally wavy or curly hair, scrunch through some mousse. If you have an underlying issue causing scalp problems or thinning, have this addresses as soon as possible. Things like laser therapy can help with male and female pattern baldness, you can get more info on this if you google laser hair growth therapies. You could speak to your doctor or a trichologist- a doctor specializing in hair. You might need supplements, a change of diet, medication or other treatments depending on the issue you have. Having wonderful, shiny and healthy hair will make you feel fantastic about yourself, so make it your


Stunning Skin

Since our skin is so visible, if you’re having issues there’s not a whole lot you can do to disguise it. While makeup can cover redness and minor blemishes, there’s not much it can do about texture- so if your skin is very bumpy due to acne, dry or has other issues you’ll find concealer and foundation aren’t that helpful. Instead of trying to cover it, get to the route of the problem. Speak to your GP or dermatologist, or if your issues are less serious go to the pharmacy and try out some new products. Drink plenty of water and eat a healthy diet to keep skin healthy from the inside out. You should also create a skincare routine and stick to it.  A moisturiser, eye cream, lip balm, facial oil and a couple of different masks for different skin issues will keep your complexion nourished and protected. Remove makeup before bed, and get into the habit of applying products morning and evening. Quitting smoking, excessive alcohol, drugs and sunbeds will all prevent premature aging too and keep your skin at its best.


Fabulous Physique and Fashion

You can look fab at any size, but for health reasons it’s best to aim for your ideal BMI. This will reduce your chances of getting obesity related illnesses, and will be a weight that looks and feels comfortable for your height- neither too thin or too heavy. Work on eating the right number of calories for your height, gender and activity levels. And incorporate exercise into your week- choosing something that you enjoy means you’re more likely to stick to it. Exercise will burn excess calories, build more lean muscle which essentially boosts your metabolism and sculpts and tones the body. Even losing a few pounds and toning up can improve your confidence and allow your clothes to fit you a lot better. Speaking of clothes, it’s worth buying things that flatter your figure and allow you to feel good about yourself. If you’re always hiding away in sweats, treat yourself to a lovely new outfit. Work out what your body shape is, and then choose clothing articles which work best for you. There are lots of articles and Youtube videos that can help you with this. Don’t crash diet, instead focus on cleaning things up and aim to eat mainly whole, healthy foods. Fresh produce, low fat dairy, whole grains and lean protein will all provide your body with everything it needs. Cut back on fried foods and anything with excessive salts and sugars. You’ll feel lighter and will look better too.



Terrific Teeth

Finally, a stunning smile is something that looks gorgeous on all ages and genders. Nice teeth are something that many people report as being an attractive feature in a mate, and feeling confident with your teeth allows you to laugh and smile without insecurity. Regardless of the issues you have with your teeth, a dentist will be able to put them right. It could be braces for crookedness, or bridges and implants for missing teeth. It could be veneers, whitening or anything else- it’s completely possible to achieve the smile that you want. If this is something you’ve been putting off for years, book yourself a visit to the dentist. Speak about your options, you’ll make yourself look more attractive and it will boost your self esteem too.


What changes do you plan on making to improve your appearance in 2018?


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