5 Improvements To Make Your Home More Secure

When it comes to fending off burglars, there are many improvements that you can make to your home to make it more secure. Here are just five improvements worth considering.



Replace old locks

If your doors have old locks, it’s likely they could be worn and easier to pick/break. Getting modern locks such as Mul T Locks fitted could help to deter burglars looking for an easy means of entry. You can shop for a Mul T Lock dealer online. On top of replacing locks on doors, consider adding locks to windows too. Those that want to take security to the next level could even consider smart locks that can be operated with one’s phone instead of keys.


Replace old windows and doors

A good lock is no use if the door it’s attached to is hanging off its hinges. Consider replacing any old doors and windows that you think could be easily broken through. You can buy reinforced doors at sites like Doors4Security – such doors are made of thick hardwood and steel that’s much harder to break into. When it comes to windows, consider getting reinforced glass fitted and ensuring that the frames are solid too.


Install exterior lighting

Burglars tend to target homes at night when it’s harder to be detected by neighbours. They also tend to target homes that don’t have exterior lighting. By installing lighting on the outside of your home, you could scare off burglars by making it harder for them to burgle undetected. Motion sensing lighting as available from Electrical Direct could be an economical option – only switching on when motion is detected outside.


Add anti-climb features to your fence

When it comes to preventing burglars climbing your fence, you could consider adding anti-climb features to make it more difficult. Anti-climb paint such as this Blackfriar anti-vandal paint could be worth trying out – this is a type of paint that doesn’t dry, so that anyone that tries to climb your fence gets paint on their hands and clothes. When using this paint, you should always add a clear sign to prevent people brushing it by accident. Other features you can try out include adding lattices to the top of fences. You can also try spikes, however you may feel that these look too threatening.  


Trim your front hedges

If the front of your home is hidden by high hedges, you may want to consider cutting these down. Whilst high hedges can offer privacy, they also offer concealment for burglars wanting to break in undetected. It’s better that the front of your home is visible from the street. On top of hedges, you may want to consider trimming back other obstacles such as large bushes, trees or walls.