Increase Sales In Your Retail Business By Teasing The Senses

The retail market is intensely competitive. If you’ve just started a small retail business, then it’s likely you’re fully aware of how hard it can be to gain sales. The best advice I’ve been given is to think outside the box and consider sales from loads of different angles.


This brings me to the topic of today’s blog post; teasing the senses. Humans have five main senses; taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing. Now, if you find ways to satisfy and tease those senses in the people that visit your shop, then you could see an increase in sales. Taste and touch aren’t really relevant here, but the other three are, and they’ll be my main focus today.



Basically, take a look at the points below to learn how you can increase sales by targeting different human senses:



The visual elements of your store are extremely important. A store that’s nicely laid out with good displays will end up with more sales than one that’s a huge mess. Using cardboard display stands or display fixtures can help immensely here.  Another option is to use rental displays that will securely, and beautifully, stock your store.


In reality, the aim here is fairly simple; you need to arrange your premises, so certain things catch the consumer’s eye. Put your top selling products on display right near the entrance, or place deals there to immediately draw the attention of people that walk in. Similarly, just make sure your store looks from the outside. A nice looking store can entice visitors, and lead to more sales.



The way your retail store smells will have a direct effect on the consumer. Think about it from your own perspective as a consumer. When you walk into a shop that smells bad, it doesn’t encourage you to stick around for long. Often, the smell is off-putting, and you leave as quickly as can be. On the other hand, nice smells make you want to stay longer, meaning there’s more chance you’ll buy something.


Teasing your potential customer’s sense of smell is fairly easy to do. If your retail shop sells food, then it’s always a good idea to try and fill the entrance of the store with the smell of freshly prepared products. Then, you have different scenting options like aroma diffusers that can fill your store with fresh scents to tickle the nostrils of everyone inside. Keep your store smelling good, and you’ll see more sales.




If your retail store has loud music constantly playing, then it puts people off as they shop. People want to feel relaxed when they’re shopping, not like they’re in a disco. Sound plays a key role in setting the right tone for shoppers.


The secret here is using sounds that are subtle and soft. Music is a good idea, yes. But, only if played at the right volume, and if the right songs are chosen. Want you also don’t want is a store that has nothing over the speakers and is just quiet. This creates a weird mood, and shoppers won’t like it.


You’ll also want to have a nice office where you can oversee the store without being on the sales floor.  Whether your office is within the metal buildings of the store, or one that you take on the road with you, you’ll need an organized space to keep track of all your sales.


If your small business is struggling for sales, then you should think about the advice above. Start considering people’s senses and you may well influence more purchases in the future.



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