Make Yourself Indispensable At Work

Be honest – how secure do you feel at work? We live in uncertain times, and no one can guarantee they will be in the same job next year, let alone the next five. But having that safety net of regular employment is so important, and gives you a real sense of stability in your life – especially if you enjoy the work you do.


With this in mind, it’s important to remember that all employers – no matter who they are – place huge value on indispensable employees. And if you can make yourself one of those, the security that goes with it can reduce a lot of your stress. The big question is – how can you make yourself indispensable? Let’s tackle that question right now and see exactly what you can do about it.



Work in a role you enjoy

Not everyone is in love with their job or industry, of course. But hopefully, most people can get some kind of enjoyment out of their working role. Not only is this good for work-life balance, but it also means you will look like you actually want to be there. We all know the people at work for whom the opposite is true. You see them be disinterested, lazy and stressed at the slightest little problem. Avoid being like this, because you can bet your bottom dollar that if someone needs to lose their job, your name will likely be high on the list.


Share the credit

Being successful at work is all about being a team player. However, there are far too many workers out there who take credit for every last accomplishment – to a rather obsessive point – and can even take credit unfairly. This tactic might work OK in the short-term, but everyone gets found out eventually., You are far better off sharing the credit with your team, and ensuring others get the credit they deserve rather than aiming to get all the rewards.


Learn, learn, learn

It’s vital that you keep up to speed with the latest developments in your industry. Ultimately, your employer wants people who can do their own research, make suggestions, and learn off their own backs. It shows you are interested and want to progress, too, and can even have implications for your chances of scoring a promotion. For example, you might take a operations management degree online in your spare time. Qualify, and you may end up managing a team at work, with a pay rise and extra responsibilities. Don’t forget, the more responsibility you have, the more indispensable you will become.


Bring ideas to the table

Do you see something wrong or unproductive in your business? Find a solution, don’t just complain about it. Everyone can moan about broken systems or things that don’t work well, but it takes a different – and more noticeable – person to find the right fix. Plus, if you bring in a completely new and cost-effective solution, who knows? Perhaps you will end up being in charge of it as the only person that truly understands it? All of a sudden, you are indispensable.