With The Rise Of Internet Dating

8 Top Tips for Online Dating


Strange are the ways of the heart. It is never dominated by rules. But when it comes to dating and finding love online, you need to follow some rules to avoid disappointments and heartbreaks. Thanks to the internet, finding love in the modern age is a different game altogether.


It is a wide field out there where singles from every walk of life and every age are trying to attract the attention of a possible partner. Now, this is where the challenge lies. How do you dive into the sea of online dating and find love in the digital world? Fret not because we have your back covered. Follow us as we reveal to you the 8 top tips for online dating.




Be sure of your dating goal

Online dating and dating in real life is quite similar in the sense that both are done with the aim to get into a relationship, depending on how much you like the person and how compatible you both feel with each other. If you are not open to finding someone with whom you can get involved in a long-term relationship, you need to step back and rethink the whole matter. Unless you are completely sure of your dating goal, it is better to give the online dating scenario a miss.


Select the right dating site

With the rise of internet dating, there has been an eruption of online dating sites as well. But not every dating site is created equal. Before you can go about finding an online date, you will have to find the right online dating site. Selecting the best dating site that fits your requirements and desires is a task that needs time, effort, and research on your part. Make sure to go through the terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy of the website before you create a profile and share your data.


Create your online dating profile with care

A good profile can go a long way in creating an impression and attracting potential partners with similar likes and dislikes. As such, you will have to come up with a profile that highlights your positive points without sounding boastful. When you are creating your online dating profile, think about the type of people you would want to meet and date.


Now imagine what you would like to know about such people from their profiles. Answers to these questions will help you to draft an interesting profile. While it’s important that you reveal about yourself on the profile, make sure to not say too much. Keep some of the things unsaid to create a mysterious aura about yourself.


Put up an attractive profile photo

If you put up a profile minus a photo, you are simply doing a disservice to your dating aspirations. It is a fact that most people looking for online dates do not even bother about taking a look at a profile that doesn’t have even one photograph. So, always include at least one image of yourself in your profile. Also, make sure to put up a photo that offers a glance at the real you. As they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Ideally, try to select a photo where you look relaxed and comfortable.


Pay attention to the first message

In the world of online dating, your first message can make or break the deal. It may not be an easy task to craft an introductory message that’s engaging, flirty, and impressive, all at the same time. But getting it right is extremely important. One thing to steer clear off is copying messages and passing them on. This never works and is a great turn-off. Spelling mistakes is another point that you need to be careful about. So, how do you go about your first message? An easy way is to find a shared interest area in the other person’s profile and start talking about that.


Do not rush into anything

Being on an online dating site doesn’t mean you need to rush through the whole matter and arrange a meeting with your potential partner at the earliest. It takes time to build rapport and trust a person enough so as to go on a real date. There’s no harm in taking your time to know each other in the online world before you move to the offline world. This will give you both a chance to be sure about going out with each other.


Focus on the first date

Once you are sure that you want to go on an offline date with your online partner, plan for a simple meeting. A stroll in the park or a coffee date is a good idea. Such places provide you the opportunity to talk and discover more about each other. There’s no guarantee that if you have liked the person online, you both will hit it off offline as well. So, talk to your potential partner and try to understand how well your chemistry works in the real world. One thing to never do on your first date is to talk about your ex.


Finally, never feel discouraged

You may or may not hit it off with your online partner on your first date. But that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road for you. More often than not, people go on first offline dates only to realize that the opposite person is nothing similar to what they had imagined. This shouldn’t be a reason to feel disheartened.


Try to underline the positive part of the experience and learn from it. Just because you haven’t found someone compatible till now or suffered a few bad dates, it doesn’t mean you have been banished to the kingdom of singles forever. Who knows, the next person you date may turn out to be your soulmate, isn’t it? That is why you have to face the whole matter with a positive frame of mind. Remember, there’s always a next time!