Questions To Ask When Interviewing Your Child’s Potential Preschool

Letting go as a parent is never easy. If we could, we would tuck our youngsters close to our breasts and not let them out until they were at least thirty. The thing is, parenthood is all about doing what’s best, and letting our kids make their own way plays a crucial role in that. Hence why you need to let your kiddies head off to preschool when the time comes

The preschool transition is the first significant step towards separation, and it can be a real challenge. To make the cut easier, you may find it useful to dedicate your efforts towards choosing the right preschool. By ensuring your facility of choice offers a safe environment with ethics you can get behind, you’ll be able to ease your mind and give your kids the best possible start. 

To help, we have a few key questions that you should always be sure to ask when viewing the potential preschools on your (probably) very long list. 

‘What credentials do your staff hold?’

When your child’s happiness is at risk, you should never shy away from asking outright what credentials a preschool’s teachers hold. If they have nothing to hide, they’ll be more than happy to talk you through this. As a general rule, preschool teachers should hold at least a Child Development Associate (CDA) credential, while a few years of experience is also a good sign. 

‘How many staff are there in each classroom?’

If you can’t be there to keep your child safe, you want to make sure someone else is. As such, you should always ask how many staff a preschool dedicates to each classroom. Studies have widely revealed that higher supervision can lead to improved outcomes for children. Not to mention that having plenty of staff to keep an eye on things can drastically reduce the risks of accidents that leave you contacting a personal injury attorney at the end of the school day. Ideally, schools should aim for an average eight children per adult. If certain preschools fall short of that, it’s a sure sign that they might be the best option.

‘How is discipline handled?’

Letting someone else discipline your child is always tough but, if a preschool has drastically different discipline measures to you, you may prefer to steer clear. Differing methods can be confusing for kids. Not to mention that harsher measures at preschool could see them scared to go in. Of course, laws prevent extreme punishments that many parents would object to, but that’s no guarantee you’ll agree with methods used. For instance, many parents find that preschools which focus on positive reinforcement rather than aggressive discipline enjoy notable improvements without harboring fear. If a preschool doesn’t use techniques like reward charts, then, are they really a facility you want to entrust your child with?

Rest assured, this process will break your heart even once you’ve received satisfactory answers to these questions. But, at least you can convince yourself it’s all for the best this way!