Introducing A Dog To Your Family Home

Bringing a dog into your home is a great way to complete your family. If you have your own great memories of having a pet dog during your childhood, it’s no wonder you’d want the same for your children. Dogs and children can make great companions, so bringing a dog into your home could be a great thing for your family.


Things aren’t as simple as just bringing the dog home to your family. You’ll need to give it some careful thought and make some preparations to make the introduction as safe and happy for everyone. Here’s how to go about it the right way.



Choosing the right dog for your family

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a dog for your family. The question of whether to adopt a puppy or adult dog is one that causes a lot of concern for families, and both have their advantages and disadvantages.


Puppies are obviously smaller in size and can be a lot easier to handle than adult dogs because you are able to pick them up or keep them away from the kids if either gets too boisterous. You’ll get to raise them from the beginning which can help to shape their personalities and help them bond with your children. Puppies are adorable, but a purebred dog can be expensive. They also need a lot of care and attention during those first few months to get them housetrained, and may not be the best idea if you’re not at home a lot.


Adult dogs meanwhile have the benefit of already being house trained and may already come from families with children. Adult dogs need a home, and if you can get a good idea of the dog’s background and temperament, they could easily fit into your family. Be wary of bringing home a dog with behavioral issues around children, particularly small children, as their behavior could be unpredictable.


Whichever type of dog you choose, consider getting a rescue dog to provide a loving home for a pet that needs one.



Before you bring the dog home

After deciding what dog you should get, it’s time to get your home ready and make the necessary preparations. As well as making sure your home is tidy and free from clutter that could harm your new dog, you will need to do a bit of shopping. Some of the bits you’ll need to pick up include:

  • Water and food bowls
  • A collar and ID tag
  • A leash
  • Some chew toys
  • Grooming tools
  • Toys
  • Food
  • A gate or a crate (not a necessity)


As well as these standard items, you’ll need to consider taking out pet insurance and book your dog’s first vet appointments. You should also get a supply of Pet-Lock to help protect your dog from fleas and ticks. Make sure your house and yard are safe and secure, you’ll need to make sure there’s no way they can escape inadvertently.



Bringing your new pet home

When bringing your new pet home, you should try not to rush anything and give the newest member of your family time to adjust to their surroundings. It’s an exciting time, but try not to remain calm around the dog – they’ll have a lot of new smells and sights to get used to, so give them the chance to explore and get used to their new home.


Introduce your new dog to the different rooms they will be able to call home. You might want to start with one room, like the kitchen, before introducing them to family rooms. If you want to keep them away from certain areas like upstairs or the bedrooms, then install some gates to stop them from wandering too far.


There are some great tips for introducing your dog to their new home that you can follow to make the process easier. While you may have different experiences with puppies and older dogs, it’s good to assert your authority from the very beginning, even keeping them on a leash while you introduce them to the house. When the right time comes, let them off their leash to where their bed will be to help show them where’s safe for them to go.



Introducing your dog to your children

Dogs and children can learn to become the best of friends, but you need to proceed with caution to help make it a happy introduction for all. Before making the introduction, talk to your children about how they should behave – showing gentle behavior and not to rush straight over to pet the dog before its ready. A good way to get them to get them ready for a dog is to introduce them to other dogs of friends and family who are trained and are used to children.


When introducing your dog, make sure that children are supervised at all times. If you can, have two adults present to make sure that one can grab the dog and the other can grab your child in case anything happens.


Teach your children the best way to interact with the dog, how to stroke them, how to talk to them, etc. If either shows bad behavior towards the other, take them out of the room for a period and then reintroduce them. It might take some time for them to get used to one another, but things will soon settle.


It’s worth reading dog training advice blogs to get a better idea of teaching your children to interact with a dog, as well as how to get your dog settled in their new home.


Bringing a new family member home means you’re going to need to create some more space in your house. Make sure you’re as prepared as possible for your new arrival to ensure the best new start for your family. Bringing a dog into your family is a wonderful thing, and will be a lovely way to really make your house a home.


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