8 Ways To Invest In Real Estate

Want to get into real estate investment? From buy-to-let property to property flipping, there are all kinds of ways to make money out of property, which you could then invest in silver at Sprott Inc. Here are just 8 different investments methods to choose from.



Rent out property to tenants

The most classic way to invest in real estate is to rent out property to tenants. By charging rent every month, you can cover mortgage and maintenance costs whilst making a small profit for yourself.


In order to make this type of investment a success you need to choose the right type of property and right tenants. Your property needs to meet living requirements and needs to be in a location that people want to live in (cities and urban areas are the most common place for renters), otherwise you could struggle to attract tenants. It also needs to be in good condition, otherwise you could end up spending lots of money in repairs.


As for choosing the right tenants, it’s always valuable to have a screening process in place. By doing a credit check on potential tenants and collecting references, you can get a better idea as to whether someone is likely to pay their rent on time consistently – this could prevent costly arrears later down the line.


When buying a property to rent you’ll need to take out a specific buy-to-let mortgage (unless you’re able to buy in cash). It’s important to read up on various renting laws so that your property meets these legal criteria.


Rent out property to businesses

Another form of buy-to-let investment is to rent out property to businesses. This works much like renting out to tenants with a few minor changes.


The property firstly needs to appeal to businesses. It could be office space, a shop, a restaurant or a warehouse. You may want to allow more freedom when it comes to improvements – business will want to put up signage and possibly redecorate to match their brand. A condition could be that the company returns the property to its original state when they eventually move out.


Most owners of commercial property offer a fixed lease of a few years. This can result in more stability than renting out to tenants. You should have a screening process in place to ensure that you rent out the property to a trustworthy company.



Invest in a vacation rental

You could also consider buying a vacation home as a source of income. When you’re not using it for your own leisure, you can rent it out to other people on vacation and receive some income from it.


There are listing sites such as https://rumahdijual.com/bekasi/perumahan-murah where you can shop for property abroad. Choosing a popular travel location is vital – ideally you want people staying there all year round whether they’re tourists or traveling professionals. The property itself also needs to have a certain level of luxury to it if people are going to use it for vacations. You may want to make improvements such as remodeling the bathroom or adding air conditioning. Unlike other property investments, you’ll also need to ensure the property is well furnished and well as being financially responsible for energy bills (you can aim to cover these in your rental prices).


Vacation homes may require constant marketing in order to ensure that there is always someone staying there – there are various booking sites that you can use for this purpose. You’ll probably also want to hire a local person to maintain the property and hand over keys rather than having to jet over there constantly. It’s possible to screen the people that stay there to avoid getting bad guests and you can introduce rules such as no smoking or no pets in order to prevent damage.


Try property ‘flipping’

Property flipping involves buying a property at a low price and the selling it for a high price, making a big profit. Most people do this by buying properties in poor condition at auctions before restoring them to add value. Some people even take on huge conversion projects such as turning a barn into a home. It’s important that when improving the property that you spend as little as possible whist adding on as much value as you can – you don’t want to pour more money into the property than you get out of it.  You can get contractor bonds at BondsExpress to help pay for the improvements as you make them.


You can find property to renovate at sites such as https://homes.trovit.com/need-renovation-texas. There are special buy to sell mortgage that you can take out for these properties.



Rent out space for events

It’s possible to also make money out of property by renting it out for events. This could include events such as business conferences, workshops, weddings, birthday parties and even festivals if you happen to own a large piece of land. Maintaining a steady income by doing this is a lot harder and depends a lot on the type of property you invest in. It’s possible to work with events companies in order to promote your property as a venue


Rent out space for storage

Another means of making money out of property could be to rent it out for storage purposes. If you own a barn you could rent it out to a private car collector or allow a business to use it as a warehouse. You can even rent out an empty room in your home as storage at sites like https://www.storeatmyhouse.com/.


You won’t earn as much money by renting property out for this purpose, however it could be good as a small side hustle if you don’t want the stress of tenants or renovation. You may want to invest in a few security features to keep other people’s possessions secure and to convince clients that you can be trusted with their belongings.


Rent out land for gardening

It’s also possible to rent out land as an allotment for growing plants. This is popular in and around cities where many people may live in apartments or house without backyards – renting out some land to these people could allow them to still pursue their dreams of growing their own organic produce.


This type of property investment requires may require keeping the land secure and well presented. Having a suitable patch of land for growing plants is vital and it needs to be big enough that people will want to use it. Buying such land in the middle of a city could be expensive – most people buy such land on the outskirts or rent out their home’s own personal gardens.


Invest in property shares

If you’re looking for a profitable hands-off investment and you have a lot of money to play with, you could consider buying property shares. There are many property rental companies out there that require funding in order to help them buy new homes – some of these rental companies may offer shares to investors in return for funding. In essence, this type of investment is much more like buying company shares than buying property, but it could be just as lucrative providing that you choose the right company. Crowdfunding could allow you to invest a smaller amount of money by investing with lots of other people, however you should be prepared to make smaller profits as a result.