Is Your Old Home In Need Of These Repairs?

Older buildings tend to be more prone to wear and tear. Some of this wear and tear could become a danger if ignored. Below are just a few of the main sources of deterioration to look out for. 

Windows and doors

Old timber window frames and doors can be a beautiful feature to try and preserve. However, you should be wary of such features if they have become damaged. A window frame that’s started to rot or a door that’s hanging off its hinges could be a major security risk. 

Modern aluminium window frames and steel doors can be a more secure option (and more resilient than uPVC). They could also help to reduce heat loss in your home. Consider upgrading to these if you’ve got worn windows and doors. 


A damaged roof is likely to make it hard to regulate temperature in your home. It could also let in rainwater and possibly collapse in a storm. 

Asphalt shingle roofs generally last no more than 25 years. If your roof is older than this, a replacement could be overdue. When looking into roofing supply, you could consider a metal roof – these can last up to 60 years. Alternatively, you could splash out on a slate roof that could well last 100 years. 


Old wiring is another problem to look out for in an older home. Over time, the insulation on wiring can wear away and become a fire risk. By far the most dangerous type of wiring is knob and tube wiring – this early form of wiring was used in homes before the 1930s and was not designed to meet the electrical demands of today’s homes. 

If lights flicker, fuses regularly go out or outlets make buzzing sounds, you should definitely consider calling out an electrician to determine whether you have old wiring. Burning smells from outlets are a clear sign that an emergency electrician is required. Rewiring your home could be necessary to ensure that your home is safe. 


Plumbing problems could also be something to look out for. If you’ve still got original bronze or copper pipes, they could be starting to corrode. This could eventually lead to blockages or burst pipes – the latter of which could be very costly to clean up.

Odd tasting water, low water pressure and leaks are all signs that you may want to get your plumbing looked at. A plumber will be able to assess the problem and determine whether your pipes need to be repaired or replaced. 


Faulty foundations can be a serious issue. If ignored, your whole house could collapse. Older homes tend to be more susceptible to foundation damage – even the most well-built foundation degrade over time. Causes of foundation damage may include soil movement, tree roots or vibrations from a nearby road.

If you notice cracks or notice that the floor of your home has become uneven, it could be worth calling out a foundation repair company to inspect the condition of your home.