How to Keep Fit While Having Small Children

Today we welcome Angela to share a very important guest post.  Keeping fit when you’ve had children isn’t always the easiest.  Let’s take a look at some times that Angela has to share with us today.


Being a physically fit and healthy mother with young children promotes your happiness and confidence, and even provides the energy you require to carry out other household chores. However, raising the kids is a full-time job hence many mothers do not have the time to practice activities that would help them keep fit. The primary aim of this article is to help you with tips on activities you can adapt to achieve your objective of keeping fit.



There are many activities you can do for fitness. Some of the ways you can achieve this objective include:


1. Maintaining a healthy diet

Having young children underfoot can make even the most determined person not to continue healthy habits. As a mother, taking healthy meals may not be your priority as in most cases you are in a rush. Rushing to get the kids to bed. Rushing to see them off to school. Rushing to go to work. However, no matter the hurry, try as much as possible to eat healthy foods. Breakfast being the most important meal of the day, should be heavy. Take healthy foods such as whole grained wheat toast, cereals, eggs, tacos, tortillas, and some fruits. Going to work on a full stomach helps you make healthier choices of foods during the day.


2. Finding time to exercise

Finding the time to exercise can be a significant challenge for many mothers. Find a way to create time for physical activity; this can be achieved early in the morning when the kids are still asleep or during the day when the kids are occupied playing or taking a nap. Also, you can trade kids with another mother or have one of your family members handle the kids as you exercise. Incorporate quick workouts into your daily routine. For fitness, mothers are encouraged to try exercises such as squats, lunge jumps on each side, side-plank rotations and kick-outs among many more.


3. Exercising with the kids

You do not have to exercise alone. Include your kids in the process. For instance, put your kid in a stroller and go for a walk or a run around the block with them. You can even carry your kids to the gym rooms and exercise with them. Pick exercises that you can do together. The workouts may not be as strenuous as you would like but they can help you keep fit as you bond with your children. Workouts can be fun when practiced as a family.


4. Taking a nap

Everyone needs to rest. In addition to physical exercise, mothers are encouraged to join their kids while having a nap. A little bit of sleep during the day helps ease all that stress and fatigue you have acquired during the day. Nap time may be the only time the house is quiet enough to get a peaceful sleep. Also, sleeping while your kids sleep will have you more awake and less exhausted when they wake up.


5. Not using stimulants

A common mistake that many mothers with young children make is to turn to stimulants such as coffee and energy drinks while trying to be super moms. Do not fill your body with caffeine to mask the fatigue. Although coffee has its benefits, too much of it is unhealthy. Not using stimulants helps you ensure your body rests when it is supposed to and also enables you to be aware of your real energy levels.


To achieve the above, proper timing and well-planned work schedule is essential. You need to wake up early and make sure that your day is well planned. Finally, practice discipline. If you forget to do your workout at your scheduled time, make plans on how you are going to make up for it. Do anything you can to maintain a fit, healthy body. A physically fit and healthy parent is happier and much more confident person.



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