10 Ways To Keep Your Home Cozy And Warm This Winter

Rising fuel costs and chilly temperatures mean that we are at risk of spending an extortionate amount of money keeping our homes warm and cosy in the winter. There are a surprising number of ways to help keep our homes warm in the winter without resorting to turning up the thermostat. Following this guide will help keep you toasty and warm, as well as save you money!



Upgrade your boiler

Or at least get it serviced by an approved heating engineer. Learn more how to contact your local plumber and heating engineer for emergency situations such as a leaking pipe or boiler that won’t ignite. Newer models of boilers are much more energy efficient, so although the initial cost of replacement may seem high, you will save money in the long run.



Curtains are a great way to exclude any draughts from windows when drawn in the evenings. Having your curtains open during the day will allow any sunlight to warm up your home. Curtains can be bought with linings to make them even more effective.



Placing rugs on wooden floors can help with warmth, as can fitted carpets.



It may be necessary to rearrange your furniture in winter months so that radiators and heaters are not blocked. If you have a sofa placed in front of a radiator the warm air will not be allowed to circulate the room. Add soft fleecy throws to sofas, to snuggle under if chilly and add an extra blanket or throw to go on top of your bed for extra warmth.



Ensure that your loft and roof space is adequately insulated. Warm air rises, so if insulation is not in place all the warm air will be lost through the roof. Cavity wall insulation will help prevent heat from escaping through your walls. Sometimes grants are available to help with the cost of insulating your home.



Bleed radiators

Radiators need to be bled on a regular basis, otherwise air becomes trapped, thereby stopping hot water from heating up the radiator, the result of which is a lukewarm or cold radiator.


Block out draughts

Draughts enter your home by any available gap. You can purchase draught excluders for the bottom of doors very cheaply, or even make your own. Using draught excluders make a huge difference.


Reflect heat

A cheap and effective way of keeping your house warm is to use tin foil behind your radiators. The heat from the radiator is then reflected back into the room, rather than absorbed by walls.



Time your central heating to come on at certain times of the day. Half an hour before you wake up is a good starting point. Don’t leave heating on all day whilst you are out. This is a waste of energy and therefore is a waste of money.   


Warm clothing

Colder weather warrants warmer clothes. Wearing lots of layers is the most effective way to stay warm. So instead of reaching for the thermostat, pop on an extra jumper!


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