Keep Your Home Pest-free This Winter

Nobody likes unwanted houseguests, especially if they are small animals such as ants, spiders, mice, and rats. These are the most common critters that get into your home over winter when it’s too cold for them outside. Luckily there are several measures you can take to ensure your home is protected against invaders like these. See below for the culprits and what you can do. 

Carpenter Ants

There are two types of carpenter ants, those that fly and those that don’t. The ones that fly are usually the ones that collect soft wood for building the nest with. It could be a problem if you see flying ants in your home during winter. 

In the summer flying ants in the home is more common and probably means there is a colony outside, but in the winter the colony could be somewhere in your home. Try to identify the ants and call an exterminators if necessary. 

Cluster Fly

Cluster flies are the very common flies you see everywhere during the summer months. They can be bothersome in the home, buzzing around or hitting themselves against the window. It’s to be expected, in the summer. If you have the same thing in winter you might have a problem. 

House flies in the winter indicate you have a nest somewhere in your home. It could be in the walls or in the loft, you will have to do some research but these common areas. If you can’t destroy the nest yourself you will need a professional service. 


If you spot a mouse in your home you will want to act in it right away. Mice are responsible for spreading disease, leaving droppings, and eating any food that’s laying out. If you don’t deal with the mice tonight away they could soon multiply.

You don’t have to exterminate the mice necessarily. You could first try a humane mouse trap that should capture them alive and allow you to put them back in the wild. If there are many, however, a professional service might be the best option. 


During the winter rats get cold the same as other animals and seek shelter in warm places. That doesn’t mean in the parks and streets where they usually dwell, it probably means in your basement or loft. These are ideal spaces for rats to see out the cold weather.

If you have rats in your home you might hear scratching in the walls or ceiling and notice droppings. You need to act quickly if it’s rats. These animals breed fast and soon you will have an infestation. Call a professional service right away and have them removed. 


In the US alone there are 3,400 different species of spider. Some of them are even venomous and have a bite or sting. Most, however, are harmless, but they can cause issues in your home over winter.

During cold weather spiders retreat into small access holes in the house and make nests in warm places. They lay eggs that can cause an infestation if you aren’t careful. If you notice more spiders in your home than usual contact a pest control company.