Kick Kale To The Curb And Say Hello To These Superfoods

Motherhood is probably one of the biggest physical challenges our body will ever experience. From the moment we become pregnant our bodies go through huge changes. Then when our baby arrives we are still recovering from the birth, dealing with sleep deprivation and trying to be the best super-mom we can. Motherhood is amazing but it is physically and mentally challenging. We are so busy running around after our family that we often forget to look after ourselves. We need to make sure that we are looking after ourselves too, and superfoods is a great way of doing that. Healthy eating will help us feel more energized and it will help us stay fit and healthy. We have all heard of Kale. Last year we were told to have Kale in our smoothies, in our soups and instead of fries. But let’s be honest, those Kale fries aren’t fooling anyone. They are the strangest tasting fries I have ever had! There are some great alternatives to Kale that will really help us stay on top of the mom game!  



Shut Sugar Out With Sweet Potato

Being a mom can be exhausting and that means we often find ourselves hitting a mid-afternoon slump and reaching for the cookie jar or for the sweeties! We need to be staying away from the cookie jar and the sweeties because they aren’t good for us. They will give us a very quick hit of sugar but then we will be left feeling even more tired, and as a result craving even more sugar. Instead we should be reaching for the sweet potato. Chop up a sweet potato, parboil for 15 mins  and roast it for about 30 mins. You will want to drizzle some olive oil on it and you might even want to sprinkle over some chili flakes too. This healthy snack will cure you of your sugar and carb craving. Sweet potato wedges are delicious and healthy. You can find lots of other delicious and healthy recipes for sweet potato on the internet. The world is your oyster, or should that be sweet potato.



Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard looks like a prettier version of Kale, you can buy it in almost all the colors of the rainbow, white, red, yellow or bright green! However, this pretty vegetable also packs a pretty powerful health punch. Just one cup of Swiss Chard contains more than 700 percent of your daily vitamin K requirement. Vitamin K is really important for healthy bones. That’s not all, this glorious vegetable also has cancer fighting abilities. Swiss Chard really is a super vegetable because it is rich in antioxidants that help protect cells from the toxins caused by stress. We need to be stocking up on some Swiss Chard pronto!  



Kelp is a kicking vegetable full of vitamins. This vegetable is stuffed with magnesium, iron and calcium. It’s also good for anyone suffering with thyroid problems. It can help regulate the body’s energy production.



No, I’m talking about the dance, that’s the Rhumba. You probably know of the Rutabaga as the yellow swede. Its high in vitamin C, so Perfect for warding off any colds and bugs. This is your healthier alternative to your mashed potato. Great served with lamb or sausage.



This is small peppery vegetable is another powerhouse of health. Packed to the brim with vitamin K and vitamin A, and it also has high levels of glucosinolate compounds, which has been shown to inhibit lung, colon breast and prostate cancers. Watercress is now seen as a very good alternative to Kale.



We should all be going crazy for Cauliflower. This is a vegetable that children also love to munch on. It’s a versatile vegetable that has fewer calories than Broccoli. It will also satisfy your carb cravings. You can roast, boil, mash or even grind it and serve it as a healthy alternative to rice. This vegetable needs to be on your plate, full of potassium and vitamin B and it’s known for its cancer-fighting properties.



Broccoli Leaf

We all know that Broccoli is good for you but so are the leaves. You need to stop throwing those leaves in the bin because just one or two leaves offer you one 100 percent of your daily intake of vitamin C, and it is also a source of vitamin K, folate, vitamin A, and Potassium. Primal Palate has some recipes using Broccoli leaf that might inspire you.


Celery Root

Celery Root might look a bit ugly with its warty appearance, but this is one cool vegetable. It is extremely healthy and just one cup of it will give you nearly three quarters of your daily vitamin requirements. We all know that raising children can make our blood pressure rise some days, this vegetable will help with that. It is very good for healthy blood pressure.


Moringa Leaf

You might not have heard of Moringa Leaf but this is a marvelous powder that is great for boosting our stamina. Instead of reaching for coffee we should be turning to Moringa Leaf. It can help with reducing physical fatigue, and also helps prevent anaemia. It can also lower cholesterol and this powder is also high in antioxidants. A few servings of Moringa power will help relax your body. If you are someone who struggles to sleep then you might want to replace your cup of warm milk with this powder instead. Adding Moringa to your diet is really easy. You can drink it like you would a cup of tea, add it to your smoothies, put it in your pasta sauce or even mix it in with your scrambled eggs. It has a very mild spinach-like flavor.



Dandelions could have us dancing our way to a fitter and healthier life, yes really! Next time you are pulling them out of your garden you may want to nibble on a few, or even add them to your salad. Just make sure you wash them first! Dandelions might be the enemy of our gardens but they very kind to our bodies.  You can over 100 percent of your daily vitamin A requirement. They are also high in vitamin C, iron and antioxidants. Who knew that this weed was so good for us! The All Recipes website has some recipes for Dandelions.


These superfoods will help us carry on parenting to the best of our abilities and being the supermom of our dreams!


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