3 Simple Ways To Drag The Kids Away From Technology

With the seemingly never-ending opportunities for kids to get their hands on blue light technology, it can be hard to tear them away from the screens. Tablets, smartphones, consoles, and laptops are an integral part of the twenty-first century and are here to stay whether we like it or not. While we might think back to a simpler age of Atari 2600s, Nokia 3310s, and CD players, this time is long gone. Your little darlings want the latest kit, the fastest download speeds and the most followers they can achieve on their forty social media channels. However much you want them to be technologically aware, you also don’t want them to become addicted. Take a look at these simple ways you can wean your cherubs off the technology.



Give Them Something New To Do

Most kids love anything new and different. Their curiosity takes over, and they are enthused. It’s up to you to harness this enthusiasm. It’s all too easy to give your child their tablet when they are moaning that they want to go out and do something fun at the weekend while you are shattered from the working week. If your child expresses an interest in something other than Facebook or Instagram, you should grab the opportunity of keeping the technology at bay.


If your offspring fancies learning the piano, allow them to explore this. If they show talent and commitment, you could find a cheap second-hand piano and use a firm like Shiply to find a courier to deliver it to you. They may fancy joining a sports club or having a go at dance or horse riding. Whatever it is they love that isn’t screen based, encourage them to pursue it.


Have Family Time

Although they don’t like to admit it, kids love spending quality time with their parents. Heading down to the local park for a kick about with a football, enjoying a summer barbecue and heading to the movies together are great ways of getting your kids off the laptop. If they had a choice between scrolling through their social media feeds or heading to the theme park with their mum and dad, they’d choose the latter every time.


Develop A Routine

The trickiest time to remove your children from their technology is that post-dinner time of the day. This lull when they have completed their homework, they’ve eaten and got ready for bed should be a wind-down. However, the consoles and tablets at their disposal can get their mind racing and make it difficult for them to have a healthy sleep routine. Draw up a family contract that the whole household signs up to detailing the ‘no usage’ policy of technology after 7pm. With everyone adhering to the policy, your kids won’t feel victimized, and children and adults alike are on board.


Technology is rapidly becoming more advanced, and it’s vital that your kids keep abreast of all developments. However, it’s also important to find a balance so that your little darlings don’t forget the art of communication and fun without screens in the twenty-first century.


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