Creating A Kid’s Corner In Your Home

There’s nothing worse than feeling overrun by all of the toys that you have in your home. Everywhere you turn there’s another toy, or at least half of one lying about waiting to be reunited with the rest of the toys. One of the best ways to avoid this nightmare is to make a kid’s corner in your home so that not only are their toys in one specific place, but they can use that corner to be as imaginative as possible. Here’s some ideas on how you can create a kid’s corner in your home.


First and foremost you will need to choose the corner or area where you’re going to create a space for your children. Once you have decided that, take the time to think about storage of their toys so that you can begin to design a storage cupboard, or shelves for the toys to live on while they’re not in use. If you’re not confident in making shelving, you can buy it fairly cheap from a hardware store.



Remember when you were a child and you’d grab a bed sheet and throw it over some chairs so that you can create your own makeshift den? Why not consider building your children a den in the area that you’ve chosen? One that’s large enough to fit their belongings in and also enough space for them to play. You could simply build a frame and add some canvas around the side to make it more magical for them. You can find a perfect saw for whatever kind of material you decide to use for a frame.


Another great idea would be to add worktops to their play space so that they can create their own games. For example, they could pretend that one of them is a shopkeeper, or that the area is their kitchen, and many other amazing ideas that children could come up with. This will also be useful for those times that your children bring their friends over for dinner.


One thing you should consider adding to their corner is some padded flooring. You can buy tiles of padded flooring widely these days, and they often come in bright colors which will stimulate and excite your children, while keeping them safe if they do happen to fall over.



You should also consider adding fairy lights, or touch lamps that they can enjoy while they’re in their own little space. There are many sensory lights that you can buy which will be safe for them to be near and touch, and will also give the area a beautiful ambience.


Finally, if all else fails, you could always retreat to your ‘me space’ and take a few minutes to regain your thoughts before tackling another day. Even though you want to create a nice space for your children, we all know deep down their toys will find their way out into other areas of the house. The joys of parenting eh?


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