3 Ways To Give Your Kids Healthy Habits

We all have great intentions when it comes to raising our kids with healthy habits. After all, who doesn’t want the very best start in life for their little ones? But the fact is, with our hectic lives and tendency to juggle too much, we often find ourselves relying on short cuts that lead to a raft of bad habits instead. In the rush, we opt for the convenience of ready meals or using social media as a babysitter, intending it to be ‘just this once’, and before we know it, it’s become the norm. The good news is, it’s never too late to break a bad habit and plant the seed of a good one. Try these five easy steps today for happier, healthier children and less of the ‘parenting guilt.



Begin a Veggie Garden

It’s easy to want to make our children’s diets healthier –  we all understand the many benefits of keeping them away from processed foods and encouraging more nutritious meals. But what do you do if your kids refuse to eat veggies? The answer can lie in a more holistic approach than just serving it up. Take the change to involve children in the growing and meal preparation stages, and they are far more likely to try new, healthier options. Learning new skills, feeling ownership of what is on their plates, and spending time in the great outdoors are more bonuses of this approach. Creating their own veggie garden carries a host of great life lessons, including responsibility, teamwork and a sense of achievement. Don’t have a garden? Even a few window boxes can be used to raise salad leaves or herbs.


Enforce Healthy Routines

Don’t fall into the trap of cutting corners to save time or arguments – children love stability and routine, and you can underpin this by making sure they have healthy daily habits which reflect a sense of consequence. Often we try to shield kids too much from the adult world, and this has the effect of getting rid of any major consequences for their actions. But there are definitely ways to remedy this that are age-appropriate. Connect their daily routines to the wider world. For example, the simple routine of brushing their teeth can be reinforced by having them be aware of costs for dental work, such as Dental Implant Insurance. That weekly trip to the store? A perfect time for an honest discussion about budgeting for food with your kids. You don’t need to saddle them with every detail, but they should have an idea about adult life and the real world, and how these connect to their own daily routines.


Bring In ‘Internet Down Time’

The internet has become a free babysitting service for many of us, and although it is sometimes necessary if you have really important thing to get done, too many of us are now coming to rely on thrusting a tablet at our children to keep them occupied. Remedy this by setting curfews for using the wi-fi  – this can also be something really valuable for us as parents, as it reminds us to be present when we are with our children, rather than mindlessly scrolling through our social media feeds as a reflex. You could try limiting time on the internet in the evenings to an hour after homework. Make this a standard practice and the family will spend more time connecting with each other rather than glued to individual devices.