The Kitchen Additions Every Home Should Have

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. So why don’t we go all-out on high tech gadgets in here? Most of us would look for the smartest smart TV and the latest phone. We want the best OS for our tablet, and the MacBook is never left at home. So why is it that we tend not to research and tech-hoard in the kitchen? Are cooking and food really still that basic and low-tech? Or could we get a lot more yum with the help of a few gizmos and gadgets?



Slow Cooker

This is an absolute must for any family. Parents that work just don’t have time to cook a nutritious and hearty meal every night of the week. They come home at different times, just as the kids do. So getting a hot meal on the table is a big challenge! This is why the slow cooker has become a family’s best friend in the kitchen. Food cooks slowly, so it’s still rich, soft, and moist. It’s also hot no matter what time of the evening you finally make it home.



Countertop Convection Oven

Just like the slow cooker, these won’t drain you financially. They won’t gobble up all of your electricity, but they will cook you delicious snacks and dishes. Websites like review these toaster ovens so you can see what sort of power and output you could get. These are perfect for single people and couples. They’re essential if you live in a tiny studio or loft as well! They sit neatly on the countertop and can even be put away if you need the workspace for something else.


Hand Blender

If you love smoothies, milkshakes, pancakes, or anything at all really, then the hand blender is essential. Simply pop it in your cup, glass, pan, or any other container, and blitz your heart out! Many of these are powerful enough to make light work of avocados and cooked vegetables too. You might have a cup of soup, a chocolate mousse, or a whimsical cocktail! Most plug into the mains socket, but there are one or two out there that can be recharged with a battery pack.




If you’re really healthy, you probably already know that steamed fish and vegetables are the most nutritious. Steamers come in all shapes and sizes. You can steam from a pan on the hob. Or you might prefer a plug-in electric one with several tiers. Sure, it might take a little longer to cook, and your veggies will always have a bit of bite to them, but eating steamed food is good for you! Best get the dehumidifier out if you can’t open the window, though!


How many gizmos and gadgets do you have in your kitchen? Did you do your homework before you bought them? It’s always a good idea to check the reviews and customer comments so you know you can get the results you want. Go high-tech in your kitchen and enjoy new ways to whip up a great meal.


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