5 Things That Could Be Knocking Your Self Confidence

‘Love yourself, regardless of what you look like.’ It’s a wonderful message, and in theory it’s something we should all aim to do. After all, we’re all unique and we really are beautiful in our own way. However, in practice it’s not quite so simple, many of us have insecurities that have burdened us for years, or new issues that have cropped up that make us feel as though we’re losing our youthful good looks. The best way to look at things is to love yourself as you are, but don’t be afraid to take steps to make the most out of your appearance. As chances are this will boost your self esteem which is always a good thing. Here are some ideas.


There’s nothing worse than a bad skin day as your face is on show to everyone you meet. You might attempt to cover up with foundation, but depending on your skin complaint it can end up looking worse rather than better. For conditions like acne, dermatitis, psoriasis and other complaints, speak to your doctor since medicated creams and sometimes pills are needed and will be much more effective than over the counter varieties. 


A beautiful smile is something we all covet, if you’re forever hiding your mouth then it’s time to make a change. You could have a whitening treatment, veneers or braces amongst other things to straighten and brighten your teeth and give you a smile that you can’t stop showing off. 


Our hair is our crowning glory, but lots of things can affect its health. From poor diet to rough handling, even the season can mean at some time of year you’re losing more hair leaving it looking thin. When men start to lose their hair it’s usually a result of hormonal changes, and to reverse the loss, hair transplantation is the only real option. With women, hair loss tends to occur all over the head leading to overall thinning, rather than just baldness at the crown. If yours feels thinner, consider your diet and take steps to be more gentle with your hair. You could add some extensions for volume and length if you feel it needs it.


Are you putting on your clothes these days and finding that they’re just not fitting you well? Maybe the waistband is digging in, or you have lumps and bumps where you didn’t before. It’s never a nice feeling but it’s easily resolved, start being a little stricter with your diet and move more. Cutting out excess sugar and getting more active will make you feel better mentally and you’ll quickly see the difference in your body and the way your clothes fit.

Self doubt

It can be hard to feel confident in your appearance. We’re constantly bombarded with images in the media and on social media of gorgeous, glamorous people and it can make us mere mortals feel full of doubt in ourselves. But don’t compare yourself to staged and airbrushed pictures, if you can, spend some time looking in the mirror and pick out your best features. Play up these features and take care of your appearance, and do what you can to put negative thoughts out of your mind.