Why Lab Grown Diamonds Are a Girl’s New Best Friend

Why are lab-grown diamonds in trend right now? Can you find them in luxury diamonds vancouver shops? What do lab-grown diamonds have that regular diamonds don’t?

If you’re in love with diamonds you’d want to get the best value for your money. There are reasons why even Hollywood celebrities choose lab-grown diamonds. Want to find out why?

Read more below to see why lab-grown diamonds are well-loved. It’s time to try them and see their glimmer. Let the diamonds prove how special they are.

What Are Lab-grown Diamonds and How Are They Made?

If you’re looking for cheap engagement rings Vancouver diamonds, you’re in for a treat! Lab-grown diamonds are not only cheaper they are also sustainable.

  • They are identical to diamonds in both chemical and physical sense
  • They are 30% to 40% less expensive than regular diamonds
  • You can get bigger lab-grown diamond carats for less the price
  • You can help preserve the environment through lab-grown diamonds

Methods Wherein Lab-grown Diamonds Are Grown

You can find lab-grown diamonds in the best jewelry stores vancouver. They are easy to access and very easy to buy as well. You don’t have to spend twice the amount for something that looks and feels like a diamond.

  1. High-Pressure High Temperature or HPHT

Grows diamonds in the same conditions that diamonds grow in nature. Each stage of the process is important. The diamond seed goes into a sealed chamber. It is then exposed to extreme temperature and pressure. 

When the growing diamond reaches its best conditions, the carbon seed dissolves. The cooling period is from 6 to 10 weeks. No fluctuations in the conditions should happen for the best results. The diamonds are then cut and polished like the natural diamond.

2. Chemical Vapor Deposition or CVD

The diamond seed starts in a vacuum chamber with lower pressure.  Methane and hydrogen are being heated under high temperatures. The carbon atoms then attach themselves to the original diamond much like droplets. When the diamond forms, it is then cut and polished.

Do You Think Lab-grown Diamonds Are for You?

Having stunning and sustainable diamonds can save you money. You can even get custom diamond designs of your choice. They are also 100% conflict-free diamonds. You are aware of where they come from and how they are grown.

Lab-grown diamonds and mined diamonds look very much alike. This is because they experience the same processes in growth. Sometimes the former even has better quality. Choose your diamonds well and go with the option you can afford.