Last Minute Christmas Crafts To Enjoy With Your Kids

The holidays are here, and you’ll have put up the majority of decorations, and will be sorted out any last minute gifts for your loved ones. A busy family household can be hectic at this time of year, but it can also be so much fun. Spending time with your little ones is the perfect way to enjoy all the festive season has to offer, and you’ll make some lovely memories together. Christmas can also be a little on the expensive side; with gift buying, extra food and drinks, and trips to see Santa, the cost really do add up. Therefore, it’s always a great idea to be creative with your kid-friendly activities, and you can make some affordable festive things in the meantime.


A morning or afternoon, or even a whole day, of making, creating, and crafting with your kids over the holidays will keep them occupied, save you money, and the results can be things and memories you’ll treasure. Setting up a space or a surface for your little ones to enjoy in your kitchen environment, will also allow you to get on with any baking, or food and drinks preparation for Christmas and New Year. Therefore, it’s time to pop a festive movie on, or some Christmas music, gather around the space together and spend some quality time with your favorite faces. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and suggestions for those who want to help develop their kid’s creativity and get on with some crafts that are perfect for Christmas.



Salt Dough Decorations

Salt dough couldn’t be more simple to make, and kids will love the whole process, especially the messy mixing bit at the start. The dough consists of flour, plenty of salt, and water; that’s all! Mix the ingredients together in a large bowl until you have a consistency that is suitable to knead, cut, or shape into items and decorations. Pop a little flour down on the surface so that nothing gets stuck, and encourage your kids to make festive figures or decorations for the tree. Check out sites like Sweet Sugarbelle where you can get some cookie cutters; these will provide a way to create a more uniform range of decorations, but they’ll still have the handmade feel.


Make sure your kids pop a hole at the top of any items they want to hang on the tree, then pop them in an oven until they’re hard. For more information on the measurements and process, take a look here. Once they’re out of the oven; your kids can have fun painting and glazing the ornaments, and threading ribbons and string through the tree decorations. They can also be extra gifts for family and loved ones, so think about letter cookie cutters for a personal touch.


Paper And Card Crafts

Another super inexpensive craft idea is using paper and card to create festive decorations, greetings cards, artwork, and figures. You can gather together all the off-cuts of wrapping paper, add some brightly colored tissue paper and card into the mix, make sure everyone has safety scissors, glue, pens, and pencils, and they’ll be busy for hours. You can help your little ones by giving them templates to utilize, or showing them specific techniques regarding creating bunting or paper chains to hang up around the house.


Those cookie cutters could also come in handy, and double up as shapes to draw around and cut out. Cotton wool, sequins, glitter, and paint are all things you might have in a drawer somewhere or a craft box; it’s time to get them out and see what your creative kids can make. Again; your kids can make decorations for the tree using string and ribbon to hang up the cardboard shapes, so give them plenty of ideas, and they’ll have a great crafty afternoon.



Wool, Yarn, And Ribbon Crafts

If you’ve got some balls of wool and yarn or even an old festive jumper; your kids can utilize it to make all sorts of decorations. Pom-poms are a quick and fun way to create soft baubles, or you could get them to decorate an old wreath for the door or a wall inside the house. Colored string and festive ribbons will also add texture to a wreath or garland, and they’re the perfect way to hang them up. Check out sites like Easy Crafts for Kids and discover an array of yarn crafts to inspire your little ones to get creative. Christmas crafting will provide plenty of fun and entertainment, quality time together, and decorative results; what more could you want this holiday season?


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