Laud Over Your Land: Top Tips For Landscaping Your Garden

Clever landscaping will keep things interesting when it comes to your garden and give your curb appeal – how your home looks from the road – a huge boost. It sounds expensive, but really, you do not need to spend your life savings to make a massive difference. Here, we look at some expert tips to help you to add points of interest, functionality, texture, and color to your yard. 

Think about the all year round look

Evergreen shrubs and bushes keep their leaves or needles all year long, so they are constantly providing cover and color. This gives your outdoor space interest, even in the drab winter months. Plant evergreen plants strategically near to the house – put them in front of corners to soften the edges and straight lines and give it a more welcoming and inviting appearance.

Connect different areas with paths

If the only way of getting from one part of the garden to another is over the grass, you re going to end up with a worn, dead patch of grass very quickly, as well as traipsing mud and dirt around if it has rained. Use pathways, whether constructed from wood or from stones and rocks taken from other parts of your garden by an excavation company. You can light them up with pretty solar lights to make a cute feature.

Just add water

There is a reason why the sound of trickling water is on every single meditation and sleep aid app – it is because it is one of the most relaxing sounds on the planet. A few moments listening to water gently trickling can soothe you in moments, so add a water feature of some description to your yard. Of course, if you have children or pets it is essential that you take measures to keep any bodies of water safe, but a fountain or water pump always adds a new layer of interest to the space. 

Level up

Many yards and gardens already have different layers and levels built in, and if yours does, use them wisely. If it does not have them, fake it. Build up with decking and patio areas and raised boxes. Add bushes and trees of different heights so not everything is the same height.

Seating areas

There is no point in having a beautifully landscaped yard if you have no where to sit and enjoy it. If you have a decked area, a rattan sofa or egg chair could be a nice idea for sitting and entertaining guests. Perhaps you could put in a little bistro table to enjoy your morning coffee or a sunlounger to catch those rays while looking over the beautiful space that you have created.


Without lighting, you can only enjoy your outdoor space in the day time, and that is such a waste. Add in solar lights on stakes or hang fairy lights from fencing. Soft lighting can create a romantic and ambient atmosphere, perfect for entertaining.