5 Life Lessons To Teach Your College Bound Kid

One of the proudest and most terrifying moments in a mummy’s life comes the summer before your kid starts college. In just a matter of weeks time, your baby will be stepping into an educational halfway house that leads to the real world and that fills every ounce of your body in pride; warm, snuggly, fizzing pride. But it also fills you with dread because, well, there is still so many life lessons you need to teach them before they try and take on the overwhelming world of college.


Sure, there will be a few eye rolls during this summer of “mummy says this” and “mummy says that” but sorting these lessons out is ultimately for their benefit. So, without further ado, here are the totally essential and all-important lessons you need to teach your teenage-child before you fill your car with stuff and drop them off at the doors of their chosen place of education. Good luck.



  1. Laundry Prevents Loneliness

There is only one place to start: the laundry. Even before learning how to cook basic meals, your kid needs to learn how to do their laundry and do it regularly. That means either once a week or before they run out of underwear. Whatever comes first. If they don’t do this, you can expect the, to have zero friends and, who knows, grow old alone too.


  1. Cook A Couple Of Meals

They don’t need to become so proficient in the kitchen that Jamie Oliver’s empire becomes a little threatened, but they do need to know how to cook two or three nutritious and delicious dishes. Tuna pasta bake, pan-fried chili chicken, spaghetti bolognaise, spaghetti carbonara, beer can chicken – anything that will stop them going broke and obese from three takeouts a day.


  1. The Internet Is Cause For Concern

We know that the internet has loads of super-awesome benefits. Your child may have even applied to their college on the internet. However, there is one rule they need to learn and adhere to: never put anything online that you wouldn’t want to discuss during a) an interview, b) a first date or c) with your parents at a family gathering with your grandmother sat right beside you.


  1. Drink Responsibly, Act Responsibly

We know this sounds like the most mom thing we could have said because college is where parties are wild and drinking is a sort of way of life, but you need to teach your child the importance of drinking responsibly and acting responsibly when tipsy. You don’t want them to get in a car with someone under the influence, even if you have Sevey, Donahue & Talcott on speed dial and you don’t want to get a call saying your kid missed their midterms because they were getting their stomach pumped.


  1. It’s Okay To Not Use Their Degree

There is so much pressure on kids to be super-duper high achievers these days. We’re talking exams, the cost of going to college, the expectations on their shoulders, and the need for a good degree to get a good job which will ultimately provide them with a better life. However, you need to teach your kid it is okay if they don’t use their degree, per se. Most don’t. It’s also okay if they outgrow their dreams. Trust us, this lesson will help them in more ways than you know.


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