The Life Problems That Only Ladies Understand

“You’ll never understand a woman’s brain.” At least that’s what men think because they have been trying and failing for years. Ladies know the guys can’t get on a level because they are not complex enough. Being a woman is complicated and takes a lot of brain power! But, there are also life problems which apply to women and not to men. How can anyone who doesn’t have a period understand the pain at that time of the month?



Here are four more issues which the guys just don’t get and will never be able to either. They should count themselves lucky!


The Single Itch

Let’s get one thing straight: a woman doesn’t need a man. There are plenty of single ladies who don’t have a wedding ring who are perfectly happy. Having a partner is special, and women do want a unique someone with which to share their life. The reason it seems like the girls want to settle down quicker is the constant judgment. “Oh, you don’t have a guy in your life? You better hurry up because time is running out.” Putting up with a comment like this at every family event would make anyone find a guy just to appease an opinionated grandma.


Boob Envy

If men think they are obsessed with boobs, they should get inside a woman’s mind. Whether they are big or small, the grass is always greener. Obviously, small-boobed ladies think the big-boobed chicas have the perfect set. So, they want a crash Vectra 3D imaging course as soon as possible to solve the problem. But, they don’t know that their opposites are wishing their boobs were petite. That way, they wouldn’t have to put up with the back pain and constant stares and remarks. Boob envy isn’t sexual, but it’s just as big a deal for the girls as the boys.


The 6am Wake Up

You have to be at work for nine o’clock, so, naturally, you set the alarm for six in the morning. Why? It’s because women have to dress to impress every time they go into the office. If there is a hair out of place, the guys and the girls will make comments that border on being cruel. And, drying long hair and putting on makeup isn’t a speedy process. But, the guys wouldn’t know about that because they roll out of bed, get dressed, and drive to work.



The Heel Walk

Okay, guys can strap on a pair of heels and hit the town and no one would judge. What a world we live in today. But, the fact is that 99% wear sneakers or boots which are incredibly comfy. So, they have no idea what it’s like to go out for hours at a time with a blister the size of Jupiter on the balls of their feet. Plus, they don’t know what it’s like to be drunk in said footwear and have to stay upright. It’s no wonder walk around with the shoes in their hands!


Ladies are there any more you can think of that deserve mention?


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