Things That Will Likely Be Popular In 2018

Last year saw a lot of really interesting and fun trends. 2018 is set to be an even better year. Nobody can be certain what will happen this year, but it is worth taking a guess. Here are three things that will likely be very popular in 2018.



Low Tech

There has been a continuing trend for people to move away from high tech gadgets and back into low tech. Things like the rise in popularity of board games and non-smart watches are clear examples that people don’t always want the next new piece of technology. Instead, it would be an easy bet that these kinds of things only continue to grow in popularity. Board games, for example, have never been more popular and have gone far beyond only being Monopoly, Clue and Risk. Instead, there are games like Fog of Love which simulates a relationship with all the love, difficulties and joy that it can bring. Other board games are treading a similar new ground and changing the way people think about them. Much like how the Wii changed people’s opinions about video games, board games are going through a similar change. People are looking back at simpler times and rediscovering handmade items and low tech product. New technology is fine, but sometimes it is nicer to use low tech instead.



Throughout 2017, one the biggest headlines were that people who spent a few dollars on some Bitcoins now had them worth tens of thousands of dollars. This showed that cryptocurrency and Bitcoin were a force to be reckoned with. This is likely to continue in 2018 as more and more people become aware and interested in Bitcoin. You can now change your pension fund to be in Bitcoin through sites like as well as buying it for other purposes. However, it won’t be the only currency of its type to grow in popularity as cryptocurrency will likely also see growth. Bitcoins value can be spent at retailers or converted back to your chosen currency. Protection and security will continue to evolve so that people don’t get hacked and lose all of their money, too.


Voice Driven Tech

Google Home and Alexa showed how voice driven technology could be used in the home and in 2018 this trend are only going to become more popular. Smartphones, apps, computers and a range of other things are likely to see more voice driven integrations. This will also cause AI and their interfacing to become better and better. People don’t want to have to manually do everything now that Google Home and Alexa have shown that they can use voice commands and it will all work immediately. It might not be 2018, but this will start to creep into other parts of our lives such as at the checkout in a store and things like that. Voice driven technology is the future, and it is almost upon us. A lot of people have already adopted it, and it will likely be very popular in 2018.


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