Listen Up! Ear Health Tips For Clear Hearing

When it comes to our health, very few of us stop to think about our ears. These are one part of the body that we don’t necessarily focus on when we try to improve our overall health, but we really should do. That’s because neglecting your ear health could lead to a severe reduction in your hearing at some point down the line.


Not sure how you can keep your ears and hearing in top condition? Here are some key pointers.



Protect Against Loud Noise

One of the biggest risks that there is to your hearing is loud noise. If you work in an environment that is always loud and noisy, your employer should provide you with earplugs or some other form of hearing protection. You should also be careful when you go to music concerts and nightclubs as the music is often played at very high volumes that could affect your hearing badly. Buy some earplugs and always take them with you on a night out!

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Don’t Use Cotton Buds

Lots of people use cotton buds whenever they clean their ears and try to remove a buildup of wax. However, this can be quite dangerous as there is a large chance of pushing the cotton bud way too far into the ear canal and damaging the eardrum. Don’t worry if you do find some wax in your ear – that is completely normal and healthy. The ears are self-cleaning and will get rid of an excess of dirt on their own. However, if you believe yours are too bunged up, you should visit your doctor.


Don’t Wear Heavy Earrings

Even though large and heavy earrings might be fashionable, they most certainly aren’t healthy! In fact, they can sometimes lead to the earlobes tearing and getting infected. If you do end up tearing your earlobes, you might have to request an appointment with a surgical practice that offers ear reshaping services. Infections in the hole in your ear are easier to sort out on your own and can be cleaned up with some antiseptic liquids and creams.



Keep Them Dry

If your ears are wet for a long period of time, it will be easy for bacteria to enter the ear canal and cause an infection. You might have also heard of a condition called “swimmer’s ear” which is also caused by excess moisture in the ear. Once you get out of the bath, shower, or pool, you need to gently clean the outside of your ear with a soft towel.


Get Checkups

No matter your age or current ear health, you should make sure that you get regular checkups with an ear specialist. Ear problems can develop at any age, and catching them early always helps. Your ear specialist will also be able to give you plenty of other great tips that can help you keep your ears and hearing in top condition.


So, now you can start to take care of your ears so that you don’t risk losing your hearing at an early age!


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