Don’t Try Too Hard With Teenagers, Just Listen

When children are young they depend on us as parents to be there for them not just when they’re hungry or tired, but to explain the world to them. We talk to them about right and wrong, which is the concept of good versus evil. Trying to pass down our values to our own children is hard enough but staying in tune with their lives as they grow older and more independent is even tougher. We’ve got to understand as parents that the culture that our children live in today, is not the same as ours. The way they talk and behave with each other is so different. Take a look at how they greet each other, handshakes and eye contact are a thing of the past, the fewer words they use the better in their eyes. Rather than saying ‘hello, how are you?’, now it’s just a fist bump and ‘sup?’. Nobody wants to be that old geezer dragging on, trying to be hip with the kids. So how can we seem genuinely interested in our children’s life so that they will accept us as being a part of it?



It’s simple, just listen

Many children today are introverted. Their lives are mainly online where they can purposely dig around and find communities that have the same interests as they do. Thanks to social media, there are popularity contests for the most likes, shares, and comments. Body image is so important for the younger generation than it ever was before. A subtle yet effective technique to get closer to your children is to just listen. Listen to what kind of music they’re into. On the ride home from school, what radio station do they prefer? Do they have posters in the bedroom of bands or music artists? What kind of topics do they talk about on the phone to their friends? It costs nothing to listen yet so many parents just choose not to. Once you know a little bit about what they like, do some research, listen to other songs by their favorite artists, mention a topic that might interest them. Children feel as if they can’t talk about their issues seriously with their parents, but you can not allow that thought to transpire in your kids.



Back and forth

Having a running joke, and competitively trying to outdo each other, is a fantastic way to bond with your kids, especially if they’re heading into their teens. Final Fantasy on the go is one of those games that you can play on your smartphone and go back and forth with your kids since it’s a multiplayer MMO. You control the destiny of a fantasy world that hangs in the balance of war and tyranny. You can ask for help or give help to another player that you are friends with. So if your child needs help such as more resources, better armor or more fighting units, if you have any of those in your kingdom, you can give them to your friend i.e. your kids. It’s a fun way to stay relevant and have something in common that is both exciting and modern.


Have you ever had one of those moments when you try to sound informed about something your children like but they end up rolling their eyes at you? Trying too hard often gets you nowhere with teenagers, but just listening, eavesdropping on their tastes in music and hobbies and then acting on them to get closer is a superior tactic.


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